Power Gear: AC/DC PDUs, Battery Monitoring, & Sensor Power

Remote power switches, also known as Power Distribution Units (PDUs), enable you to remotely toggle power to your equipment. This is handy both for on/off control and, in the case of jammed or stuck gear, to remotely power cycle devices.

small AC PDU AC Remote Power Switch
The AC Remote Power Switch - the first of its kind from DPS Telecom - allows you to switch on/off and reboot your equipment from miles away. If you've ever had to jump in your truck and drive hours to a site to reboot jammed equipment, you already know exactly why you need the Remote Power Controller. With this power switch, you'll power on/off and reboot all your critical devices - right from your desk at the Central Office.
small DC PDU DC Remote Power Switch
Using any PC on your network, you can operate controls, check temperature at the site, and keeps tabs on power consumption - all without rolling a single truck. One feature that makes this PDU special is SNMP compatibility. You'll choose up to 8 notification devices - any combination of SNMP managers and email addresses.
Remote Power Switch AB6 Smart Fuse Panel "Smart Fuse Panel " AB6
The new Remote Power Switch AB6 combines the functionality of a traditional fuse alarm distribution panel with a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that can toggle power outputs to cycle your equipment. At just 1RU in size, it's also a physical-size match for most common fuse panels.
12v 24v power supply 12/24 Power Supply
This 1 RU power supply box can convert -48 VDC power into 6 ports of +12 VDC and 6 ports of +24 VDC. This is great for sites where you need to power remote sensors, but you don't have an RTU like the NetGuardian 832A G5 that has built-in sensor power.
battery system monitor device Battery System Monitor (BSM)
This system was designed for one reason: Monitor your battery cell voltage, temperature, capacitance, internal resistance, etc. for the best visibility over your power supplies. The BSM monitors multiple strings (if needed) and reports alarms via SNMP or sends email notifications.