What Efficient Network Monitoring Alerts Should Look Like

Morgana Siggins
Morgana Siggins
Monitoring Specialist

Remote monitoring your mission-critical network is an important way to avoid downtime. However, it doesn't really help to have a system that is watching what's happening on your network if can't tell you exactly what's wrong.

An efficient network monitoring system will allow you to proactively respond to issues before they evolve into service downtime that will impact your end-users. Deploying an ineffective system that doesn't provide you with configurable alerts can become a headache.

Poor alert configurations can cause network disruptions and a cascade of nuisance alarms. Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night by a storm of alerts coming from the monitoring system, just to find out that no action is required. These types of situations can condition your technicians to simply ignore alerts altogether.

In a nutshell, it's safe to say that network alerts are one of the most important aspects of any monitoring system. As a trusted remote monitoring solutions provider, we know that properly configured alerting can save you time, money, effort, and even sanity.

Network alert
You can't depend on a remote monitoring system that doesn't give you actionable alerts about events going on in your network.

Let's go over what an efficient alert is as well as what it is not, and how we can help you achieve well-configured notifications.

What Your Alarms Shouldn't Look Like

Before we dive into what good alerting looks like, it's important to take a look at some of the problems that a poorly configured monitoring system can cause:

Top 5 Qualities of Efficient Network Monitoring Alerts

Now that you know what to avoid in terms of alarming, it's time to look at what makes an efficient network monitoring alert.

A well-configured remote monitoring system allows you and your team to be on top of what's going on in your network at all times. This way you can respond to issues in a timely manner before they negatively affect your users.

So, what do effective configurations look like? When evaluating your potential monitoring system, look for the following capabilities:

How DPS Can Help You Achieve Well-Configured Alerts

With a competent remote monitoring system, setting up efficient, actionable alerting is not a hassle. The DPS monitoring solutions, whether it is one of our RTUs or master stations, come with multiple out-of-the-box features that will help you easily set up effective alerts for your network, including:

Do You Want to Know More About Our Alert Capabilities?

At DPS, we have many different types of monitoring solutions according to what you need. From sensors to RTUs, to the T/Mon master station - we can give you an efficient monitoring system.

Reach out to us, tell us what you need, and schedule a demo of your monitoring solutions.

In a video meeting, you'll learn more about our effective alerting techniques and features that will allow your team to always be on top of what's going on in your network - without subjecting your techs to incessant nuisance alerts and false positives.

In this meeting, we'll discuss your pain points and what a perfect-fit solution would look like to you, as well as:

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