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Why Invest In Remote Monitoring Solutions From DPS?

By Morgana Siggins

September 11, 2020


For most companies that have equipment located at remote sites, it's not practical or even possible to have employees there 24/7 in order to troubleshoot every problem that might arise in their network. Are you in the middle of a snowstorm? Is it the middle of the night and you are sleeping in your house hundreds of miles away? Or maybe, do you have to stay home due to a global pandemic?

No matter the circumstances, being able to remotely monitor and manage your remote equipment makes your life way easier as you'll ensure your network's uptime. With DPS' remote monitoring solution, it's possible to have complete visibility over your remote network devices at all times, and from wherever you are.

Are you evaluating your options in terms of competent remote monitoring systems providers? If so, this article will let you know why DPS has been in business for more than 30 years doing just that - manufacturing reliable monitoring solutions.

DPS Telecom Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

DPS intelligent remote monitoring and control solutions are designed to improve the efficiency of remote networks. Our monitoring devices will simplify and centralize all the information from all the different equipment at your site, and will give you complete visibility and control over them.

Here's a list of some of our monitoring tools:

  • RTUs
  • Master station
  • Sensors
  • Building access control system
  • PDUs
  • HVAC controller
  • VoIP OrderWire
  • Other monitoring accessories

Why Choose DPS Telecom Monitoring Solutions to Protect Your Network?

According to our clients, there are many reasons why they chose to use DPS remote monitoring systems. The following are some of the most common benefits our clients say they achieve with our solutions.

1. Reduced number of telecom truck rolls

Especially if your network is spread out across multiple remote sites, a truck roll will be expensive in terms of money and time (your tech won't be fixing your network problem as he drives). If your facility is extremely far or remote and you don't have anyone close to the area, then it will be even more costly and tricky to fix an issue at the site.

Even if your facilities are located in close distance to your office, an emergency can still happen in the middle of the night. Now imagine having to get up, get dressed, and drive to your site in the middle of the night to fix an alarm condition. Dealing with issues from home and going right to bed after that is a way better option.

With our remote monitoring tools, you can work on network issues wherever you are and in a timely manner. You'll only have to go on truck rolls when really necessary - for equipment maintenance for example.

2. Improved network security

One of the main benefits that many clients state they got from our remote monitoring systems is enhancing their network's security.

First of all, our RTUs have the RADIUS capability. RADIUS is a technology that lets you manage logins to various pieces of equipment in one central location. When a device in your network receives a login request (through a username and password), it will request authentication from the central RADIUS server.

All authentication requests are managed by this central radius server, so when an employee leaves the company, you won't have to remove their user permission from each device in your network nor change the password on every piece of equipment. Granting or removing access permissions is done in one place.

Also, to secure our devices' web interfaces, they feature the HTTPS/SSL encryption. Since most clients access their monitoring systems from home to verify alarms, the HHTPS software module makes it possible for data transmissions over the web to be safe with endpoint authentication and communication privacy.

Another way we enhance the security of our clients' networks is by providing RTUs with two separate Network Interface Cards (NICs). This way, you'll be able to connect your RTU to two different networks, which allows multiple users on separate networks to access the same unit. This capability also allows for redundant access if one of these networks goes down.

Other than those security features, our monitoring devices do come with other security capabilities. Some of them are:

  • SNMPv3 support
  • Proxy ports password protection
  • IP filtering
  • Modem dial-back
  • Logging user activities

3. Improved employee security

Sometimes accessing remote sites isn't possible or even safe. Things like extreme weather, natural disasters, and even a global pandemic might make it risky for people to travel to remote facilities. In those circumstances, having remote access and control to your network is critical.

With DPS, you can manage and control any device on the network from their web browsers, which makes it traveling during bad conditions unnecessary.

4. Perfect-fit solutions

Not two networks are the same. Even companies in the same industry can have networks that are totally different from one another. This can make it difficult to find off-the-shelf monitoring solutions that will attend all of your unique needs.

A key consideration when evaluating monitoring solutions for your organization is how well it will take care of your requirements.

That's why we specialize in manufacturing personalized monitoring devices. We'll custom design your monitoring system, working closely with you to overcome the unique challenges your scenario brings. Just let us know the specific needs and requirements (support for a specific protocol, transport, capacity, etc) and we'll listen to you and develop a system that works exactly the way you need it to.

Essentially, if you have a specific application that requires a custom solution, the DPS team will work with you one on one to design a solution that works best for you.

5. 24/7 tech support

We know that it doesn't matter if the issue is a "user" error, a bug or technical issue, you need to have it solved so you can continue your workload.

So, when our clients run into problems or have questions about our products (how to install it, how to configure it, etc), our engineers will personally answer the calls and help them get the best value out of their monitoring tools. You can call us or send us a message 24/7 and one of our engineers (yes, the same ones that worked to design your product) will help you troubleshoot your device.

Our tech support is based here in our headquarters in Fresno, CA, so you won't have to deal with international time zones, language barriers, voice mails, or script-reading interns.

6. Factory training

Remote monitoring systems are an investment to protect your mission-critical network. It's important that you not only have an efficient system but also that you know how to properly use it.

A training program will allow you and your team to strengthen your knowledge in terms of your remote monitoring solution. Our factory training was developed to bring your team to a higher level of efficiency when it comes to operating your system.

Our training consists of 5-day classes, taught by the same engineers that worked to design and build your system. Our hands-on course is a chance for you to work directly with your equipment in a safe, offline environment.

Some of the things you'll learn at our factory training are:

  • Databasing alarms
  • Provisioning RTUs
  • Configuring and operating control relays
  • Alarm monitoring techniques
  • Industry best practices
  • Tips and tricks on troubleshooting

7. Free firmware upgrades

Another way that we help our clients get the most out of their remote monitoring investments is by working on continuous improvements to the firmware that is responsible for efficiently running your equipment. When new firmware versions are released, we offer them for free on our website.

Equipment like RTUs should always be updated to the latest firmware version to ensure optimal operational performance. Firmware updates provide instant improvements to the functionality of your device without needing to purchase a newer hardware.

Upgrading firmware also fixes any possible bugs, protects your network from vulnerabilities, and will improve your user experience.

The Bottom Line

Our remote monitoring systems give our clients the ability to remotely monitor and control a wide variety of devices in both smaller and larger infrastructural networks. If you want to automate your remote sites and eliminate issues, save time and gain more efficiency, then our monitoring solutions are the answer for you.

To test our remote management technologies in your network, simply reach out to us.

Morgana Siggins

Morgana Siggins

Morgana Siggins is a marketing writer, content creator, and documentation specialist at DPS Telecom. She has created over 200 blog articles and videos sharing her years of experience in the remote monitoring industry.