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T/Mon: One Remote Alarm Monitoring System for All Your Equipment

T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
The T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring
System integrates all your alarms from all
your equipment on one screen.

How many different devices do you monitor?

Most network managers are responsible for a wide range of equipment: switches, routers, microwave radios, and a variety of remote telemetry units. Some output contact closures, others ASCII text alarms. You might work with SNMP or a proprietary protocol supported by only one manufacturer.

How many different remote alarm monitoring systems are you running to track all your alarms? How many different screens do you have to watch? How many consoles are cluttering up your NOC? How many alarm databases do you have to maintain?

Wouldn't you like to have one remote alarm monitoring system to manage your entire network?

Then you need T/Mon, the remote alarm monitoring system uniquely designed to monitor all your equipment - including proprietary legacy gear that no other system can support.

T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System Back Panel
T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System features support for 25 protocols, protocol mediation, alarm forwarding, pager and email alarm notification, Web browser access, multi-user access, a Standing Alarm list and alarm history logging.

Integrated alarm monitoring

The T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System is a multiprotocol, multifunction remote alarm system uniquely designed to receive alarms from all your equipment, regardless of its manufacturer or protocol.

T/Mon supports 25 standard, legacy and proprietary telemetry protocols. What's more, T/Mon supports every device that uses those protocols - compare that to vendors who only offer device-specific "probes" or "smart agents."

T/Mon integrates all your alarms from all your equipment to one common platform and one common interface, giving you a one-screen, eagle's-eye view of your entire network.

Support for your older legacy gear - including a controlled migration upgrade path

You may be one of the many network mangers who feel locked in to an obsolete legacy remote alarm system. You know you need to upgrade, but the cost of replacing your whole remote alarm monitoring system, including all your RTUs, is simply too much.

T/Mon is your way out of the trap of your older equipment. T/Mon supports many legacy systems, including, most likely, your older system. (And if T/Mon doesn't currently support your system, T/Mon support can be custom engineered through DPS Telecom's no-risk custom design process.)

With T/Mon support, you can keep your legacy remotes in place until they fail - or you can gradually migrate to advanced DPS remotes over time, over several budget cycles.

T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring application
T/Mon supports all your equipment with one uniform interface and advanced notification options.

Detailed alarm descriptions for all your remote alarms

With T/Mon, all remote alarms are created equal - every alarm report T/Mon receives is databased in a common format, so you have access to the same advanced capabilities for all your alarms.

Even if your existing alarm systems only give you major-minor summary alarms, T/Mon will provide you with detailed alarm descriptions for remote alarms from every piece of equipment in you network.

T/Mon's customizable displays present remote alarms in plain English, in terms your staff will immediately understand and take action on. You'll get a full report on what's happening at your remote site before you dispatch, including the nature of thealarm, its location, its severity - even how long the alarm has been standing.

T/Mon will even give your staff exact instructions for correcting alarms, so you know that everyone knows what to do when an alarm happens, even without providing extra training for your staff.

Detailed text alarms from switches, routers, PBXs and other ASCII equipment

How many scan points or contact closure outputs does your telephony equipment support? Is it enough? Do you have full visibility of your telephone switches, routers, and PBXs, or are you relying on meaningless summary alarms?

But you have a far richer source of remote alarm information. Nearly all your telephony equipment - channel banks, PBXs, SONET equipment, digital switches, logging devices, RTUs, routing platforms, DSUs, CSUs, and NIUs - logs internal system messagesin ASCII text.

Your T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System, when equipped with the optional ASCII Processor Software Module, can parse ASCII text for alarm messages. T/Mon converts the ASCII text to standard T/Mon alarms, providing you with precise location of problems down to the card level.

Mediate remote alarms from all your equipment to SNMP traps

T/Mon, when equipped with the optional SNMP Agent Software Module, can simultaneously mediate remote alarms from all your equipment - even if they use different protocols - to SNMP traps. It's the ideal way to integrate your legacy gear to SNMP.

If you're required to forward your remote alarms to an SNMP-based NOC - but you need classic telemetry functions like a Standing Alarm list, multi-user security and alarm filtering - then T/Mon is the ideal remote alarm monitoring solution for you.

Email and pager notification of all remote alarms

All T/Mon alarms can use all of T/Mon's advanced capabilities - including pager and email alarm notification. If you've been wanting after-hours notification, you don't need to replace your existing system. T/Mon can provide 24/7 pager alerts for all your equipment, even legacy gear.

Paging and email take network alarm monitoring out of the NOC to wherever you are -your car, your remote sites, and even your home. You'll have total assurance that you'll be notified if problems happen at any time. You can keep your field techs outin the field, dramatically reducing windshield time. email notifications even create an automatic alarm history record.

You can notify up to 999 users when any alarm sets or clears. Alarms can be acknowledged or tagged by two-way paging or email relay. TMon's automatic escalation ensures that supervisors are notified if a tech doesn't acknowledge a page.

And T/Mon's automatic escalation feature will make sure the page is acknowledged. If the first technician paged does not acknowledge the alarm within a user-specified time, a backup technician will be paged. If neither technician responds, a supervisorwill be called. You don't have to worry that alarms are piling up unnoticed.

Learn How You Can Support Your Entire Network with T/Mon NOC

T/Mon NOC adds advanced alarm monitoring capabilities for your whole network. T/Mon supports over 25 protocols, and easily mediates legacy alarms in E2A, TBOS, TABS and proprietary protocols to SNMP or TL1.

T/Mon NOC gives you complete visibility of your legacy alarms, plus email notification on every alarm, upgrades to SNMP and ASCII, nuisance alarm filtering, and more

See Full Specifications of the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System