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The DPS No-Risk Custom Engineering

There are several reasons why you might need an alarm monitoring solution that is custom-engineered specifically for your network. Some of them are:

If your network has unique needs, we'll create a custom design system just for you. At DPS Telecom, custom design is a standard service. Our business has been built on continuous innovation, and we embrace opportunities to design new network monitoring solutions.

Guaranteed Perfect-Fit Solutions

You're never taking any risks when you purchase DPS Telecom products. We built our business by following a client-first philosophy, and our primary goal is creating the highest level of security for your network.

Every system we make is customized for the specific needs of the client who orders it. Our client consultation process guarantees that you'll get the complete monitoring coverage your network needs, without paying for costly and unnecessary extras.

All our products, including custom solutions, are backed by our 30-day no-risk guarantee.

Five No-Risk Steps to Best-In-Class Monitoring

Here's how the DPS Telecom custom design process works:

  • We start by listening to you. The first step in the process is an interview between the client and a DPS Telecom Applications Engineer. Our staff has the technical knowledge to understand your monitoring needs and to identify how we can create the right solution for you.

  • The next step is a Needs Analysis, a complete audit of your network's sites, alarms, and monitoring tasks. We also take an important extra step. We analyze your current network monitoring to determine how we can integrate your existing alarm monitoring equipment into a robust, modern network monitoring system. Our goal is to leave the smallest possible footprint on your operations and expenses while securing your network with the highest level of visibility.

  • We then tailor a network monitoring solution based on our research of your needs. If an existing DPS Telecom solution meets your needs, we'll submit a proposal detailing the equipment, configuration, and application we recommend. If you need a custom solution, our engineers will create a system suited to your network's individual needs.

  • On-site turn-up assistance and training familiarizing your staff with all aspects of your DPS monitoring solution.

  • The final step is testing the proposed solution at your site under real-world conditions for 30 days. Our top-rated technical support engineers will be with you every step of the way to ensure a trouble-free implementation. If, at any time during those 30 days, you decide for any reason that our solution will not meet your monitoring needs, you can cancel your order with no further obligation. If the proposed solution meets with your approval, we will immediately fill your order for as many units as you require.

Continuing Support After Your Purchase

Our support doesn't stop with the sale. We offer many additional services to help you get the most from your network monitoring, including training for your staff, off-site databasing, installation assistance, the T/Mon Gold Plan maintenance agreement, and our top-rated technical support. We will never leave you with a monitoring problem unsolved. At DPS Telecom, we see ourselves as your partner in monitoring your network securely and effectively. We always put the client's needs first.

Put DPS Telecom's custom engineering process to work for you. Contact one of our Applications Engineers today - Call 1-800-693-0351.