Modbus Gateway - Translate Modbus To SNMP, ASCII, Or Other Protocols

A Modbus gateway device translates Modbus into other protocols. This device intercepts Modbus communications at the Modbus gateway level, and then translates them into another protocol, such as SNMP or ASCII. The Modbus gateway device will then transmit the alarms upward to an alarm master or "SCADA HMI".

A Modbus Gateway Device Saves You Money
There are several advantages to using a Modbus gateway device to mediate your Modbus alarms into another protocol:

  • You will be able to view all of your alarms in a single master screen you are already familiar with
  • You will eliminate expenses associated with purchasing and operating an additional system master
  • You will require less labor to more efficiently monitor your network, never missing alarms because you have multiple screens to monitor

Make T/Mon SLIM Your Modbus Gateway
The T/Mon SLIM makes an effective Modbus gateway for the Modbus devices on your network. With the Modbus software module, it is easy to mediate your Modbus alarms to another protocol. By simply installing the software onto T/Mon SLIM, you will be able to forward your Modbus alarms in a form that can be understood by your existing protocol master.

With all of your alarms in one screen, T/Mon SLIM makes it easy for you to monitor your network. With your alarms forwarded to your existing master, you won't need to hire operators to monitor an additional master workstation. Instead, you will enjoy the alarm notification features of your existing master, improving the visibility and functionality of your existing monitoring equipment.


SCADA White Paper
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