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"T/Mon GFX Supports New Access Controls with 'Views'..."

User Access Views
Easily Grant User-Level Access With 'Views'...

Your network spans a large geographic territory. It's much easier to keep tabs on your network with the visual map display of T/Mon GFX, where you can get a bird's eye view to assess the overall health of your network. Graphical monitoring is great, but you must remember to grant user-level access on a "need to use" basis.

Until now, you either had trust everyone with everything or spend the time to create profiles for every single user. You didn't want all of your operators to have full GFX access, but you just didn't have the time to create a unique profile for every one of your technicians.

Now there's an easier way to grant limited user-level access for any employee that needs it. T/Mon GFX now includes Views - a new way to set permissions for all your operators.

Views allow you to set permissions for individual icons, which are passed down to all icons below them. This new feature in T/Mon GFX is ideal when you need to grant access to only sections or subsections of your network.

For example, maybe you have technicians on opposite sides of the country. Now you can easily grant each one access to the "East Coast" or "West Coast" icon - along with every icon and screen below them. This greatly reduces the risk of human error caused by an untrained operator with too much access.

Views save you from the security risks of blanket access permissions and is much easier that creating loads of user profiles!

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