Worried About Your Legacy Alarm System Crashing? Use This Master To Upgrade to a Modern SNMP System...

Do you have a plan in case the legacy equipment you've just acquired crashes? Maybe an RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Company) sold an exchange to you and left you to monitor aging legacy gear? You're low on parts and spares for this legacy gear. You're wondering why you should spend big money for a master with old technology - that is, even if the original vendor is still in business. You know that upgrading your remotes and master all at once will take a huge bite from your budget, but your aging system is on its last legs...

Modern and Legacy Combined
Extend The Useful Life of Your Legacy Gear...

Migrate At Your Own Pace
Imagine if you could upgrade your legacy gear one step at a time, and control the pace and expense? Picture an affordable, gradual upgrade to modern, SNMP-compatible masters and remotes? Going at your own pace, you'll have the new, state-of-the-art network alarm monitoring system you never thought you could afford! Dominion did it...so can you!

Let The T/Mon NOC Squeeze The Value From Your Legacy Gear...

The T/Mon NOC Makes The Most Of Legacy Remotes
Compatible with just about any protocol you can throw at it, The T/Mon NOC helps you squeeze every last drop out of your legacy remotes -until you're ready for modern RTUs. The T/Mon NOC is a multi-user, multi-protocol, graphical master uniquely designed as a single platform for all your monitoring equipment, old and new alike. In the rare event that you have a protocol T/Mon doesn't support, the DPS Engineering Team can add it for you.

With T/Mon NOC you'll also have the benefit of advanced alarm processing features, like nuisance alarm filtering, alarm qualification, alarm mediation, and automatic notification - all with your existing RTUs.

  1. Step one in your gradual migration process is to mediate/integrate legacy and modern technology by getting a modern master like the T/Mon NOC. Your legacy remotes and equipment will be supported by the T/Mon until they day they give out.
  2. Step two in this cost-effective process is to replace your legacy remotes over time with contemporary, SNMP features, like the NetGuardian. During your transition, the T/Mon NOC will extend the useful life of your legacy remotes.

Key Advantages Of The T/Mon NOC:

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