The Protocol - Mar/Apr 2000

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LAN support, integral part of T/Mon

The IAM and T/MonXM Workstation have numerous new features in its software for your Ethernet LAN. The latest revisions include: electronic mail alarm notification, KDA polling, remote access, T/GrafX, ASCII and TL1 messaging, and SNMP traps.

The T/Mon software can page and e-mail your management team when an alarm occurs. Notifications can be escalated, as required.

Latest Software: New software
for the T/MonXM gives you more LAN

The IAM can directly monitor DPS remotes via Ethernet.

With remote access, more than 30 users can simultaneously connect to T/Remote for Windows and view independent screens of alarms.

T/GrafX and ASCII messages are also now available to users across LAN.

Virtual connections are now supported, which gives you many more simultaneous connections than you could have before with serial connections.

SNMP traps can now be interfaced with other network management systems. All alarms that T/Mon gathers can be forwarded to another network management system using SNMP.

The T/MonXM Workstation can send out TL1 messages when an alarm occurs on a network manager. T/Mon does the detection and receiving of alarms and converts the format to one that another management system can use.

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