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"Introducing our Latest Alarm Master - Meet T/Mon LNX..."

The New T/Mon LNX Master is more powerful and offers 6 NICs, faster ASCII processing, on-board RAID, and...

Take a look at how much your network has expanded over the last several years. As more remote sites have been added and new transport laid out, your SNMP manager has hopefully kept up with the changing technology. And if you're a T/Mon NOC or IAM user, your alarm master has seen you through those changing times. Still, we're always pushing to make our interface more intuitive and easier to use.

Meet the T/Mon LNX
Ready for an upgrade? DPS is proud to show you the newest version of T/Mon hardware - the T/Mon LNX. It combines T/Mon NOC and EXP technology in one, blazing fast device. This yields a cleaner configuration, especially for redundant systems. T/Mon LNX features all the flexibility you expect from T/Mon, with a much faster processor and more RAM - just to name a few enhancements - as it lays the foundation for the future of T/Mon.

T/Access is a thing of the past for the LNX, as it supports a fresh, new web interface offering more flexibility and visibility than ever.

Immediate benefits of upgrading to the T/Mon LNX platform:

  • 5 10/100/1000 NICs, versus a single 10/100 in the NOC. With multiple LAN configurations becoming increasingly popular for security reasons, your T/Mon LNX can communicate on 5 networks while maintaining your segregation.
  • Processes more ASCII jobs, virtual polling loops, and more GFX connections
  • Completely compatible with existing T/Mon EXP applications, such as the SQL History Agent and Voice Dialer
  • On-board RAID 1 for true hard drive redundancy
  • Better multi-tasking environment to allow more

When you're ready to be upgraded to the latest alarm monitoring technology, call your DPS Sales Representative at 1-800-693-0351. They'll discuss your upgrade path, and show you what awaits with this new, powerful alarm monitoring platform...

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