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Take Your Monitoring to the Next Level with Client-Favorite T/Mon Software Modules

One of the nice things about the T/Mon is that it does so much right out of the box. Talking to DPS remotes, multi-user remote access, nuisance alarm silencing, derived alarms and controls, and comprehensive stats and reports are features most T/Mon users can't live without.

The standard T/Mon feature set has been designed to keep your costs down, so you don't buy what you don't need, while still providing you with a feature-rich network monitoring system.

T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
You can greatly enhance the
capabilities of your T/Mon NOC
by adding powerful software modules

Don't forget, however, that there are a lot of useful software modules that you may add that will enable you to do a lot more with your T/Mon (Some of these additions may require a software upgrade). You can monitor your network even better, with more data available to you, more ways to keep your techs in touch from remote areas, more legacy devices sending information to the NOC, and more windows to keep track of your important alarms. In short, the T/Mon will surprise you with all of the extra things it can do, and do well.

Maybe your budget was tight when you bought your T/Mon. Maybe your needs grew. Perhaps the module is new. In any case, it's not too late to expand.

Here are a few client-favorite software modules:

Software Module


Auto-Databasing SNMP Trap Processor

With the Auto-Databasing Trap Processor module, T/Mon can collect traps from SNMP devices - without the need to database all possible traps beforehand. This eliminates what can be weeks or months of data entry at even medium-sized networks.

SNMP processing allows you to bring a whole new set of alarms under your monitoring umbrella. As your T/Mon monitors a larger percentage of your alarms, you can eliminate extra hardware, spend less time training employees on multiple monitoring systems, create more powerful derived alarms and controls, and minimize the chance of missing a critical alarm by putting all of your alarms on a single screen.

DNP3 Interrogator
(SCADA protocol)

If you have DNP3 remotes in your network, now you can bring them under your T/Mon umbrella. This is an excellent option for replacing a DNP3 master with modern T/Mon hardware and software.

DNP3 Responder
(SCADA protocol)

If you need T/Mon to report alarms to your existing DNP3 master, this module will forward T/Mon alarms collected from any source (SNMP, ASCII, NetGuardians, etc.) via DNP3 to a higher-level master station.

Modbus Interrogator
(SCADA protocol)

If you use Modbus RTU (Remote Telemetry Units) in your network, now you can bring them under your T/Mon umbrella. This is an excellent option for replacing a Modbus (SCADA) master with modern T/Mon hardware and software.

Modbus Responder
(SCADA protocol)

If you need T/Mon to report alarms to your existing Modbus master, this module will forward T/Mon alarms collected from any source (SNMP, ASCII, NetGuardians, etc.) via Modbus to a higher-level master station.

Additional T/Mon Windows

T/Mon ships with 90 windows. Windows can categorize alarms by location, severity, equipment type, or anything else you want. Should you run out of windows (if, for example, your site counts keep growing) don't try to crunch several sites into a single window. You can simply purchase more, up to a total of 1200 windows.

Auto-Databasing ASCII

By far our most popular module, ASCII will allow you to monitor a lot more of your network equipment: Alarm data from a switch, TL1, or virtually anything else you can read and understand in English.

DTMF Acknowledgement

This consists of 2 components: the Voice Interface adapter + T/ Mon Software Module. This allows on-call techs to remotely acknowledge alarms from mobile phones while in the field.


This module is designed to automatically synchronize a primary and redundant NOC system. Without an NRI, the slave can still take over monitoring, but its alarm data will not be in sync with the Master's alarm data. With an NRI, you can avoid acknowledging recent alarms again after the backup NOC takes over monitoring.


With this module, all data passing through your web connection is completely encrypted. Now you can view your sensitive data over a secured web connection, protected from intrusion. Great if you frequently access the T/Mon web interface.


One million historical alarm events just not enough? Does your IS staff want to write advanced analysis tools that require a SQL database of history events? This software module can write all history data to a SQL database in near real-time so you can archive and incorporate your T/Mon data across your enterprise.

SNMP Agent

This module allows T/Mon to function as an SNMP responder. If you have been using T/Mon as an aggregation device, and now National Headquarters wants copies of alarms, this is a great way of getting them up there.

T/GFX - Additional Seats

T/GFX provides a graphical display of alarm network status using MapPoint Control and other graphical representations. It gives operators visibility into systems that is vastly superior to text-only presentations. This allows you to use maps, fl oor plans, icons, and photos of actual hardware at your site, and icons to gain a customized interactive display of your network. T/GFX can take you from a view of the entire country down to individual racks of equipment in just a few clicks.

T/GFX runs under Microsoft Windows®, allowing it to run with other applications. T/GFX operates as an adjunct to a host, allowing multiple, independent monitors to support the same or different sectors of a network. This is a great way to view your alarms graphically and give your NOC that war-room feel. It's also great for tours of your facility.


T/GrafX displays your alarms visually. From national and regional maps to photographs of your own equipment racks, seeing your alarms can make all the difference.

What's truly great about the T/mon is that it is easily expandable. T/Mon ships with a lot of power under the hood, but the software modules that can be added truly expand its already formidable feature set.

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