T/Mon LNX Upgrade Discount Program: Find Out What Amount You Qualify For...

Get an upgrade discount on T/Mon LNX with 6 NICs, a new Web 2.0 interface, and more
The New T/Mon LNX has 6 NICs, a
new Web 2.0 interface, and more -
and DPS has launched an upgrade
discount program. Call to find
out how much you qualify for...

Do you have a T/Mon NOC master station? What about older T/Mon hardware? If so, you need to contact DPS to learn how much you could save on an upgrade to the new T/Mon LNX hardware.

T/Mon LNX provides many advantages over earlier hardware platforms, so we've created some pretty interesting discount programs for our valued clients. We want you to have the best network management tools at your disposal (Take a minute to review the benefits list below).

Key benefits of the T/Mon LNX platform:

What level of T/Mon LNX discount will you qualify for?
We want to make it easy for you to step up to T/Mon LNX, so we've created some interesting discount programs. Finding out which ones apply to you is simple - just call your DPS Sales Representative at 1-800-693-0351. If you prefer, you can ask Mac Smith about your discount amount using the online form below:

To receive a upgrade discount price quote or ROI analysis...

Call 1-800-693-0351

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