Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management: Important Concepts And Selected Master Solutions

SNMP management refers to the management of a collection of "managed" SNMP devices, which communicate using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP devices send autonomous messages to a central manager to indicate remote site events.

The SNMP agent, within a managed SNMP device, collects messages from that device. The agent then transmits this information as SNMP "trap" messages from the individual managed devices to the network management system.

A Manager that Only Supports SNMP Can't Monitor Other Protocols


On a network composed solely of SNMP devices, you would only need a simple SNMP management platform. You could see all of your alarms on just one screen. A human operator managing the network would make all management decisions related to the incoming SNMP traps, determining which alarms must be attended to and which must be distributed to technicians.

The problem with this SNMP management scenario is that it is unrealistic. Telecom networks evolve over time, and SNMP traps almost certainly aren't the only alarm messages you need to collect.

When all your equipment does not utilize SNMP management, additional protocol management applications and systems will be required. For each additional protocol used by a network device, an additional management application will be necessary to interpret different kinds of messages. This may even create the need to hire and train additional operators.

A Comprehensive Network Management Platform Can Bring All of Your Alarms - SNMP or Not - Onto One Screen

The solution to this SNMP management dilemma is to combine the alarm outputs from managed SNMP devices with other devices on the network. This can be accomplished with dedicated network management hardware. Good network management platforms can communicate using many different protocols, allowing for the management of many different types of devices within a single management application.

T/Mon LNX Can Interpret 25 Additional Protocols

The T/Mon LNX is a management platform that has the capability of managing many different types of devices in over 25 protocols. T/Mon LNX combines network alarms from many different devices into one convenient window, allowing the operator to view all currently standing alarms.

This is a vast improvement over inferior SNMP management applications, which simply list all alarm and clear change-of-state (COS) events in a list. T/Mon LNX even supports legacy devices and propriety protocols from manufacturers such as iReasoning, IBM, Nortel, Alcatel, HP, APC InfrastruXure, and Castle Rock.

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