SNMP Network Monitoring: Why Mixed-Protocol Management is Important for Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control

Networks that use SNMP can be managed with a good knowing of advanced SNMP Management.

SNMP network can be used to refer to a collection of networked devices. The devices use SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol. SNMP is an open source protocol. This protocol defines how info is exchanged between SNMP network management applications and SNMP agents.

The SNMP network management application is a vital object of a SNMP Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control system. As such there are some important things to consider when selecting a SNMP network management application.

A Basic SNMP Manager Works Only If You Don't Need to Monitor Other Protocols.

For an exclusively SNMP network of monitored devices, basic SNMP managers will get the job done. This is not true if you have devices that use other protocols. That same basic SNMP manager will not be an effective solution for your monitoring needs.

An Advanced Network Management Platform Provides Clear View of Your Network. Regardless of Differing Device Protocols.

To provide for the best monitoring for your network devices, you may want to consider the pros of an advanced network management platform, such as T/Mon. T/Mon allows your staff to view standing alarm messages from all of the devices along your network, combining alerts in over 25 protocols into one easy window.

Effective Monitoring Reduces Network Downtime.

Linking your SNMP network of devices with your non-SNMP devices can boost your revenue and slash your costs. T/Mon gives more detailed info regarding network activity. This increases the efficiency of network techs when responding to alarms. Your staff will be able to react to events by having a clear, unified picture of your network status at all times. This saves you from losing customers or revenue to network outages.

With T/Mon deployed in your network, you'll also have a reduced screen count at your NOC. This reduces required monitoring manpower and training expense.

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