Newer Options For Your NetDog-sized Projects

What you can do with these smaller RTUs:

  1. Deploy an RTU that meets modern transport and reliability standards AND is scaled for your smaller sites
  2. Wire up without any tools using simple clamp-down contacts (NetGuardian LT G2 & TempDefender)
  3. Wall-mount in areas where you don't have rack space
Small RTUs Diagram

Not too long ago, the NetDog G2 was released to provide cost-effective alarm monitoring at sites where you didn't need a full-sized 32-point or even a 16-point RTU. It remains available today, and it's still the recommended choice if you've standardized on the NetDog.

If you're considering a new deployment, though, you may want to look at some other new options:

The NetGuardian LT G2 is ideal if you need something smaller than a NetDog. It has a similar (but smaller) form factor and screw-down alarm termination, supports the D-Wire sensor network, and it's wall or rack-mountable.
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NetGuardian Back Panel

The TempDefender is a good choice if you still need 8 alarm points. Unlike the NetDog, the TempDefender also includes the new D-Wire sensor interface that allows you to daisy-chain up to 16 digital sensors from your alarm remote.
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TempDefender Back Panel

The CellVoice 4 is the superior choice for monitoring small sites located precisely in the middle of nowhere. If you need monitoring, but don't have LAN, serial, or dialup connection, a device like the CellVoice 4 can provide remote monitoring using wireless GSM/CDMA coverage. This device uses SMS reporting technology, meaning you can report alarms over SMS without paying a third party provder and punching a hole in your firewall - avoiding the old hassles of using cellular alarm reporting.
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Cell Voice Back Panel

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