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Telemetry Jobs

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Telemetry Department

Because of the widespread use of the internet and cable TV, there are a great deal of telemetry jobs now to support these services. A job in the telemetry field typically involves working with various types of telecom and network equipment that make sure these services run.

Typically, telemetry jobs will either involve working in a Network Operations Center (NOC) or out in the field. Those out in the field perform a lot of the hands-on installation and repair of equipment, while those in the NOC keep a careful eye on the status of their network and service.

What kinds of roles and responsibilities will a telemetry job have? You'll typically perform the following:

  • Install of network equipment, including data transport gear, network devices, and telemetry monitoring systems.
  • Repair broken or non-functional equipment.
  • Maintain network equipment, so it's online and operating as much as possible.
  • Monitor critical conditions to ensure all aspects of the network are operating properly.

Maintaining & Monitoring Telemetry Equipment
One of the most important and most critical roles of a telemetry job is keeping network gear online. Downtime is bad news - it costs a lot of money and leaves customers unhappy. That's why it's so important for those with telemetry jobs to find ways to keep downtime to a minimum.

Telemetry Jobs Application Drawing
Remote monitoring systems will make your network significantly more reliable.

The Best Way to Prevent Outages
It's quite common for a small problem to slowly snowball into a service-affecting outage. Something like a malfunctioning HVAC unit or a jammed piece of equipment can start out as a very small problem, but when left ignored for hours or days at a time, can eventually lead to an outage.

That's why telemetry monitoring is the single best way to prevent many outages. Remote monitoring equipment is a telemetry technician's best friend - it helps them fix small problems before they become big problems. If you know about these small issues, then it's much easier to fix them before they cause serious problems.

Telemetry Monitoring & the NOC
Generally, the most reliable networks will deploy telemetry units (sometimes called RTUs) out in the field. These devices will then feed information into a master station in the NOC. This allows those with telemetry jobs in the NOC to view the status of equipment throughout the network. When there's a problem, they see it and respond by notifying a technician in the field. By combining monitoring tools with the teamwork and coordination of the technicians, it's possible to avoid an outage.

To learn more about protecting uptime in a telemetry job, download and read the free Network Monitoring Fundamentals white paper:

Telemetry Units: