Network alarm monitoring fundamentals.

DPS Telecom presents a solid introduction into "Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals".

Topics that will be covered are:

  • What equipment you must monitor.
  • How to design an alarm system to meet your current and future needs.
  • How to minimize transition costs.

Through this guidebook, you will learn the importance of DPS Telecom's factory training. You will also learn about how DPS Telecom can help you with your problems and much more.

Why Should You Come to
DPS Telecom Factory Training?

Factory Training

DPS Telecom Factory Training is a fast, intense, 4-day crash course on the essentials of network alarm monitoring. You'll learn real-world telemetry fundamentals - knowledge that will save you hours of work and make your monitoring much more effective.

Larry Hamilton

"This training is worth a lot more because it's taught by the people who actually work with the system, not some corporate trainer." -Larry Hamilton, U.S. Telepacific

3 RTUs to Fit Your Spec and Budget

The NetGuardian RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) family scales to fit your needs.

NetGuardian 832A

Full-featured NetGuardian 832A:

  • 32 discretes, 32 pings, 8 analogs and 8 controls.
  • 8 terminal server serial ports.
  • NEBS Level 3 certified.
  • For SNMP , TL1 or T/Mon NOC.
  • Dial-up backup.
  • Web browser interface.
  • Pager and email notification.
  • Dual -48 VDC, -24 VDC or 110 AC.
  • 1 RU for 19" or 23" rack.
NetGuardian 480

Heavy-duty NetGuardian 480.

  • 80 discretes, 4 controls.
  • For SNMP , TL1 or T/Mon NOC.
  • Dual -48 VDC.
  • 1 RU for 19" or 23" rack.
NetGuardian 216 Wall Mount

Economical NetGuardian 216.

  • 16 discretes, 2 analogs, 2 controls.
  • 1 terminal server serial port.
  • For SNMP , TL1 or T/Mon NOC.
  • Single or dual -48VDC or 110 VAC.
  • 2 compact form factors for rack or wall mount.

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