Remote Alarm Monitoring  and Control. Manufactured in-house in the US.  Customized to your specifications.

    Be aware of environmental conditions, know when batteries need to be replaced, detect water leaks, keep track of generator status and fuel levels, and bring in SNMP or other protocol alarms from remote or unmanned locations.

    Finding the right telemetry system requires more than just selecting off-the-shelf products for your network. We specialize in custom supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solutions.

    We don't expect you to use a unit designed for somebody else with capacity you don't need and features you don't want. Our engineers have the design experience required to ensure your DPS Telecom products are a perfect fit for you. With DPS, an unmatched and continuously expanding selection of proven intelligent telemetry units collect information at various locations for presentation at central network operating centers.

Don't waste time with inadequate tech support. Get supported by DPS engineers who developed your product.

The key to getting the most value out of DPS is to make us part of your design team. This ensures you get a perfect-fit solution that solves your exact problem.
- Bob Berry, CEO

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    As a trusted provider of monitoring and control solutions for over 30 years, DPS Telecom will help you design a reliable system for collecting and managing alarm and control information.

    Serving utility, telecom, transportation and other companies with large distributed equipment networks, we offer a unique combination of master alarm management systems and remote telemetry units (RTUs) that provide end-to-end, single-vendor network monitoring.