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DPS Telecom and Tridium, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance to Enable Telecom Customers to Integrate Building Automation and Network Telemetry Systems

Fresno, CA, February 3, 2004 - DPS Telecom, a leader in network reliability management and remote telemetry, along with Tridium, Inc., a leader in software technology for device-to-enterprise integration, today announced a strategic alliance to enable Telecom customers to integrate their building automation and network telemetry systems.

DPS and Tridium have pooled their respective techs and application expertise to enable Telecom customers such as AT&T and major Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) to cost effectively combine virtually all smart devices within their facilities into a single software infrastructure.

This integrated approach enables customers to use and save existing Telecom monitoring gear, building automation systems, and other smart devices. It makes them all communicate via standard telemetry transport gear and protocols such as TABS, TBOS, E2A, and TL1 over IP.

"In addition to integration with legacy devices, systems based on protocols such as Lonworks, BACnet, OPC, SNMP, Modbus and other standards, can now be web-enabled and integrated into existing critical site monitoring systems,"; said John Petze, CEO of Tridium Inc."The technology will also enable customers to utilize data from these disparate systems in real time control strategies not previously feasible through conventional alarm systems.

"This partnership will enable carriers to manage both the facility and all of the gear inside it with one common system." said DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry,"This will streamline network management costs and improve the reliability and control that our clients have over their networks and the buildings that house that gear."

DPS Telecom is an industry leader in network monitoring, remote telemetry, and alarm management.

DPS Telecom: An Industrial Leader in Network Alarm Monitoring.

DPS Telecom is an industry leader in network monitoring, remote telemetry, and alarm management. DPS Telecom provides network-monitoring solutions to the telecommunications industry, utilities, railroads, public transit agencies, and manufacturers. DPS Telecom was listed in the Inc. 500, Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest growing private companies.

DPS Telecom was founded by engineers to meet the needs of engineers and technical managers who implement network alarm management systems in enterprise networks. The company is built on an engineering philosophy of rapid, customized design of perfect fit solutions built to the client's exact specifications.

Modular Design Tech Saves the Client Time and Money.

Using modular designs and design "recycling", DPS Telecom can build custom products for its clients - without the custom price tag.

No Compromising: Custom Products for Clients' Specific Needs.

Every network monitoring product they sell is built to order, with the specs, alarm capacity, and features that best meet the client's needs. Their complete automated manufacturing facility ensures fast delivery for even the tightest deployment schedule. From design concept to final manufacture, they control every aspect of production in-house.

In-house production lets DPS control and manage every aspect of the production process. If the client's order requires a change, DPS can immediately inform their employees from the design to manufacturing phase. The finished units are also tested by 2 different technicians to prevent any mistakes before shipping. This way, the client will receive the exact product(s) they want on time.

DPS Telecom's Promise to Their Clients.

Every DPS Telecom product is backed by a 30-Day, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee. "If you buy our gear and are not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund."

At DPS Telecom, they see themselves as the client's partner in securing their network. They will never leave the client with a monitoring problem unsolved. They will always put the client's needs first. They back that promise up with 24-hour tech support. Their clients rate them as the best in the industry. Installation assistance, off-site databasing, Factory Training, and maintenance agreements.

Additional info about DPS Telecom is available at www.dpstele.com

Tridium is a global leader in business application frameworks.

Tridium Inc: A Global Leader in Business Application Frameworks.

Tridium is a global leader in business application frameworks that have changed the way devices and systems connect. They are passionate innovators developing the operating system of the Internet of Things. From buildings and data centers to manufacturing systems, smart cities and beyond, Tridium's open frameworks and environments are changing the rules for automation technology.

Tridium was founded by entrepreneurs who partnered with entrepreneurs. Their early success was based on a novel technology and a forward-thinking set of early adopters. They took a chance and challenged the status quo of closed, proprietary systems.

In the 1990s, the Internet and the World Wide Web were becoming mainstream commercial technologies. Smart devices and systems began to appear in buildings, machines, homes, cars and virtually everywhere else, but few standards existed for interoperability among new and already-installed devices.

Tridium's Inspiration - Closed Proprietary Protocols Were Not Sustainable.

Initiatives to form standard communication protocols created a few open system environments (such as LonWorks® and BACnet®). But these protocols, focused at the embedded device level, provided interoperability only when all the devices were based on the same protocol.

Tridium's Humble Start Provided the Necessary Spark.

Working out of a spare room in the west end of Richmond, Virginia, a small group of building industry experts and freshly minted graduates in electrical engineering and computer science gathered to solve the problem. The industry experts had the experience to know what businesses needed, and the new graduates were freethinking enough to take an unconventional approach.

A Solution to Limited Protocols.

That unique approach was to design an open, Internet-based infrastructure that would allow software developers to make apps that could be used across a wide variety of systems. Including existing legacy systems and competing systems from different manufacturers.

Additional info about Tridium is available at www.tridium.com

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