"DPS Announces New Manufacturer's Rep: Energy Support Products..."

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ESP becomes an exclusive sales rep for DPS Telecom...

Energy Support Products (ESP), located in Lake Forest, California, is a value-added reseller for data center equipment. They will be the exclusive manufacturer's rep in Southern California for DPS Telecom products and solutions.

"DPS equipment is not a commodity. You get functionality you don't get anywhere else.."

Fred Lewis, VP of Sales and Marketing for ESP, said they selected DPS Telecom to strengthen their relationship with their client base. "Our clients trust us to select the right alarm system for their network. They're counting on us to deliver something good," Lewis said. "Unlike a lot of other products, DPS equipment is not a commodity. You get functionality you don't get anywhere else."

Lewis sees a strong synergy between ESP and DPS, combining decades of telecom and data center experience. The synergy is also fueled by ESP's relationship with Camali Corp.

Camali Corp is a licensed general, electrical, and HVAC contractor, providing services for data center applications. The company performs regular maintenance on UPS systems, batteries, -48v power plants, HVAC, fire suppression, emergency generators, and other equipment at client facilities.

Camali's routine maintenance trips are a natural opportunity to perform site surveys. "We see it as getting closer to the client and delivering more expertise," Lewis said. "We'll be able to identify client needs and offer the right solution."

According to DPS Telecom President Eric Storm, working with ESP will create a richer experience for DPS clients.

"This relationship allows DPS to forge deeper connections with our clients," Storm said. "We'll be able to identify and solve problems at a fundamental level, providing additional value to our client base."

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