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DPS Telecom and Chronos Technology Join Forces

Charles Curry and Bob Berry
Chronos Managing Director Charles Curry (left)
and DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry shake hands on the
DPS-Chronos strategic partnership.

DPS Telecom and Chronos Technology, Ltd., of Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, England, are partnering to provide sales, service and support for DPS Telecom alarm monitoring equipment in the United Kingdom and Europe. British and European users of DPS equipment can expect the highest levels of service from Chronos, plus the convenience of working face-to-face with a nearby supplier.

Chronos will represent the full range of DPS Telecom products in Europe, including the T/Mon NOC and T/Mon SLIM Remote Alarm Monitoring Systems and the NetGuardian family of remote telemetry units. Chronos will also provide installation, training and after-sales support, using its existing 24/7 Spares Support Program to guarantee that UK customers will receive repair or replace service within 24 hours.

"We wanted to work with Chronos because they're committed to providing the best quality client service," said DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry. "Chronos' client service philosophy is just like ours - client support, education and empowerment. After we saw how Chronos supports its existing clients, we knew this was a company that we could trust with our clients."

Chronos: Turnkey solutions and full client support worldwide

Chronos Technology, Ltd., is the United Kingdom's leading provider of turnkey solutions for network synchronization. Chronos' worldwide operations provide hardware, software and value-added services to telecoms, utilities, system integrators and industrial designers. Besides its core business of network sync products, Chronos also provides remote monitoring and QoS solutions, RF components and GPS products.

Chronos founder and Managing Director Charles Curry said that Chronos has built its business around long-term client support. "We wrap value around the sale by understanding the client's needs and providing support to deliver the solution. When we've sold the hardware, we install it and we don't leave the site until it's working. And then we support it if it goes wrong. All of our client relationships are long-term," Curry said.

Chronos' range of client services provides great support for DPS users in Europe

As a complete turnkey provider, Chronos can offer complete services to DPS Telecom clients in Europe. Chronos currently supplies its existing clients with a full range of after-sales services, including:

  • Chronos' 24/7 Spares Support Program - this service guarantees that Chronos clients can always keep their mission-critical network sync equipment operational. If a repair or replacement unit is needed, Chronos will supply a working unit within 24 hours of the client's call, anywhere in the United Kingdom. Chronos' full support also includes next-day technician-on-site and four-hour disaster-recovery service.
  • Installation services - Chronos has performed thousands of installations from Saudi Arabia to Siberia. Chronos guarantees the operational capabilities of its solutions and does not leave the client's site until installed equipment has passed a full operations test.
  • Consultancy and client education -Chronos has been at the forefront of educating the worldwide telecom industry about the importance of network synchronization. Chronos offers its clients a wide range of educational services, from strategic network audit consulting to its in-depth Network Synchronisation MasterClass™. Chronos has educated the entire industry by founding the International Telecom Synchronisation Forum, a worldwide conference on sync technology.

Chronos will apply all of its top-quality support capabilities to supporting UK and European users of DPS Telecom products.

Developing the UK and European markets for network alarm monitoring

Both DPS Telecom and Chronos said that their strategic partnership will leverage the best strengths of both companies.

"This partnership will extend DPS Telecom's reach into the UK and European markets and grow our client base there," said Berry.

For Chronos, the partnership is an opportunity to offer its UK and European network synchronization clients a complete solution for their network alarm monitoring needs.

Chronos has long been aware of its clients need for improved network alarm monitoring, but insisted on partnering with a company that could provide the best-quality alarm monitoring equipment.

Chronos was impressed the advanced capabilities of DPS Telecom's T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System:

  • Support for over 25 standard, proprietary, and legacy protocols, including SNMP, TL1 and ASCII, providing an integrated telemetry platform for network managers to monitor every device in their networks from one screen.
  • Secure HTTPS Web remote access, enabling T/Mon NOC to securely access alarms from any computer anywhere in the world.
  • Pager and email alarm notification, enabling any company to support 24/7 alarm monitoring.
  • Detailed alarm notifications giving specific instructions for correcting network alarms.
  • Automated alarm sorting and filtering.
  • User-defined custom alarms integrating multiple alarm inputs, date/time factors and alarm correction by automatic remote control.
  • Integrated facility access control.

"Chronos has looked at network alarm monitoring in the past, before the telecom market took its holiday," said Curry. "Following our recent refocus on core activities, this was a logical area to complement sync and DPS Telecom is the perfect partner for our existing activities. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship."

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