Featured EFI Provider: Orius Central Office Service Group

The Orius Central Office Group provides EFI and other value-added services to a prestigious list of telecoms, utilities, and government agencies.

"Our Central Office Group serves Verizon, Ameritech, AT&T, all the RBOCs, Cisco, Global Crossing, and other OEMs," said Tristan Longnecker, national account manager.

"We engineer finished installations, update the database, work on the diagrams. What we provide is expertise, and knowledge of both the equipment and the client. We work the marriage between their systems and their new equipment," Longnecker said.

Besides EFI services, Orius offers site prewiring, testing, power supply engineering and testing, and training.

Longnecker said that the value Orius delivers to its clients is expertise, strict quality assurance and systematic project management.

"We have the experience - in many cases we've worked with the technology as long or longer than the manufacturer. We're TL 9000 certified. We have a quality audit group that reports directly to the president, entirely divorced from engineering and operations. They audit projects and conduct training so that everyone keeps abreast of our quality control procedures," Longnecker said.

Orius manages project with a close eye to the client's real equipment needs, Longnecker said.

"Instead of just checking materials in the inventory, the project manager, the engineer, and the site survey technician walk through the site and identify any potential issues. With today's quicker turn-around times, you can't afford mistakes, especially material mistakes," said Longnecker.

Quick turn-around times and controlling expenses are of prime importance. "We wanted to create a lean, mean, flexible machine. Clients are looking for a quality product at the cheapest price. It used to be that getting the equipment together would take three or four weeks. Nowadays the time allotted is two weeks at most," said Longnecker.

Maintaining this pace and quality is not without challenges. Compared to how things used to be, today we have to be much more flexible, adapt a lot more quickly. A big part of our job is keeping abreast of the technical changes."

But facing the challenges and delivering quality is a great source of satisfaction, Longnecker said.

"We're equal to anybody in terms of quantity, and we'll go face-to-face with anybody on quality. AT&T and Cisco are very detailed on the standards we have to meet. When we get a thank you for what we've done, we feel like we've accomplished something. It's a great feeling," Longnecker said.

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