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The Protocol - May/Jun 2000

NEBS Pre-Compliance Testing

Timeliness is everything in the telemetry industry. That's why DPS performs NEBS pre-compliance testing in its own 5-meter anechoic EMI isolation chamber.

DPS' commitment to providing partners with dependable, quality products is supported by performing in-house pre-compliance testing, which shortens the delivery time of custom units. In addition, DPS gains a knowledge base from a testing and design standpoint, which improves the overall production process.

NEBS Testing Chamber
Rigorous Testing: DPS' 5m anachoic chamber
used for precompliance testing of NEBS.

DPS uses the anechoic EMI isolation chamber to verify that interference emissions are kept safely below NEBS standards in an intensive pre-compliance test phase.

DPS' NetGuardian and TE2/TBOS Test Set Interface (a new addition to the DPS lineup of test sets) are now undergoing testing. Once compliant, the testing will certify that non-Telco equipment will not cause harm to personnel or network equipment located in the same location.

The Network Equipment Building System requirements have been set by Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore). DPS' testing will shorten the time required to complete the final testing at a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL). The final compliance testing is performed at National Technical Systems (NTS) in Southern California.

Chris doing NEBS Test
NEBS testing: The EMI lab uses PMM7000
for NEBS precompliance testing.

NTS will test the units for electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compliance (EMC), fire resistance, bonding/grounding, seismic, thermal, airborne contaminants, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and lightning. The series of tests meet NEBS' Level 3 requirements.

TE2/TBOS Test Set

DPS is constantly keeping pace with the evolving needs of our customers and that's why our TE2 and T/BOS Test Set interface will complete NEBS testing this summer.

The TE2 and T/BOS Test Set interface is a powerful tool that can be used to functionally test a T/BOS or an E2A alarm system. With the test set, the computer can act as an interrogator, a responder, or passively monitor the alarm traffic on a working network.

Test Set
Testing 1-2-3: The Test Set turns any DOS P.C. into a functional test set for E2A and TBOS protocol alarm systems.

And, because it is so diverse, it can functionally test either direction. As a responder, it allows you to test your alarm interrogation equipment. As an interrogator, it allows you to test the remote alarm reporting the equipment before it's brought into service. As a passive monitor, it eavesdrops on the alarm traffic to measure communications, quality and to display alarm status.

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