The Protocol - May/Jun 2000

Success Story:
In-house monitoring improves reliability at Triangle Communications Inc.

Triangle Communication System Inc. is a cooperative cable television service, in-touch long distance, ISP and cellular service provider, based out of Havre, Montana. Triangle covers 17,000 subscribers over a mostly rural geographical area of Montana from the Canadian to Wyoming borders. They provide telephone service to approximately 9,400 telephone lines connected with 6,800 miles of line and are using DPS monitoring equipment to help keep it all running.

Triangle Communications Inc.
No More Missed Alarms: Bill Welch and Gary Evans,
CO Techs for Triangle Comm., get a grip on alarm
monitoring with DPS' IAM and KDA.

Triangle uses the Intelligent Alarm Mediator (IAM) and KDA alarm remotes to monitor discrete alarms out of their switch, carrier equipment, D4 banks and SLC systems. Triangle's IAM monitors ASCII alarms from tandem DMS 10s. Prior to converting to DPS equipment, Triangle was reliant upon an external source for its alarm reporting. According to Central Office Technician Gary Evans, Triangle was not receiving adequate alarm notifications from the monitoring company. "They missed a lot of alarms. That's when we realized we needed to get after this alarm system."

"[The IAM] is blowing away anything we had before."

DPS worked with Triangle to engineer a system that would give them the visibility they were looking for. "It's blowing away anything we had before, so we're all pretty happy," said Evans. They were very surprised with the number of alarms that "they never saw before."

Triangle has made extensive use of the alphanumeric pager notification and escalation features for after-hours monitoring. "We have detailed paging. We know exactly what alarms are coming in. For example, with DMS 10 alarms, we not only know it's an alarm in the switch, but specifically what it is and at what portion of the switch it is located. That really helps!" says Evans.

Triangle has been able to accomplish their monitoring goals by bringing the alarm system in-house. "The hardest thing was getting everybody into the mind set that an automated piece of equipment can handle the job," said Evans.

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