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16 New Alarm Monitoring Products

Improvements Include New Alarm Master, SNMP RTUs, Secure Web Access

For 2005, DPS Telecom offers a bigger selection than ever.
This year you've
got more choices
than ever.

DPS Telecom is offering 16 new network alarm monitoring products for 2005, giving network managers extensive choices for selecting the best alarm monitoring system for their needs.

DPS's flagship T/Mon alarm system has been significantly upgraded with new hardware and software. The NetGuardian RTU series is expanded with new light-capacity and heavy-duty SNMP/TL1 models.

"I'm proud of the work we've done, and you can expect more innovation from DPS in 2005," said DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry. "Our expanded product line gives network managers wide choices for selecting the monitoring system that exactly fits their needs."

DPS Telecom New Products for 2005


T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoirng System

T/Mon NOC is the new hardware platform for the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System, the network alarm master that supports 25 protocols and hundreds of telecom devices.

This new platform features 2-6 times faster performance, faster SNMP and ASCII alarm processing, 110 AC power option and swappable external interface ports for RS-232, RS-422/485, 202, 212, FSK and PSK.

Full details: www.dpstelecom.com/tmon

T/Mon LT Remote Alarm Monitoring System
T/Mon LT

T/Mon LT

T/Mon LT is the perfect entry-level alarm system for SNMP. T/Mon LT polls up to 10 SNMP devices and 20 DPS Telecom RTUs.

T/MonXM 4.5

The new T/Mon software has over 20 improvements, including: remote access over LAN, dial-up and serial connection; improved synchronization of dual masters; multiuser security; remote device provisioning; online help; and more.

Full details: www.dpstelecom.com/tmon/latest_version.html

New T/Mon Software Modules

  • Secure Web-based remote access over HTTPS
  • Support for Modbus devices
  • Support for the DPS Central Station Master
  • Support for Larse™ and Badger™ 1200/1400 remotes
  • Support for Badger/CentraLine™ 475 remotes
  • Support for Harris™ DS5000 remotes.

NetGuardian 216

NetGuardian 216 Rack Mount NetGuardian 216 Wall Mount
The NetGuardian 216 is available in rack-mount and wall-mount versions for space-saving light capacity alarm monitoring

Light-duty RTU for SNMP, TL1, T/Mon NOC and T/Mon LT. Supports 16 discrete alarm inputs, 2 analog alarm inputs, 2 control relays, 1 terminal server port.

NetGuardian 480
The NetGuardian 480 is a cost-effective, high-density alarm collector for SNMP or TL1.

NetGuardian 480

Heavy-duty RTU for SNMP, TL1, T/Mon NOC and T/Mon LT. Supports 80 discrete alarm inputs and 2 control relays.

NetGuardian Q8 SNMP RTU
NetGuardian Q8

NetGuardian Q8

NetGuardian variant providing integrated alarm SNMP alarm monitoring for Motorola™ Quantar™ radios.

NetMediator T2S TBOS-SNMP Protocol Mediator
NetMediator T2S

NetMediator T2S

The NetMediator T2S protocol mediator converts TBOS alarms to SNMP traps. The NetMediator is also a high-capacity SNMP RTU, with support for 32 discrete alarm inputs, 8 analog inputs and 8 control relays.

Critical Alarm Enunciator
Critical Alarm Enunciator

Critical Alarm Enunciator
Wall-mount first-alert system monitors voltage alarms on VRLA and flooded system battery plants.

Building Status Unit II
Wall-mount first-alert system provides visual and audible alarm notification.

Central Station Master
Interface adapter connects Ademco™ FSK autodialers to LAN.

Put DPS Telecom's Perfect Fit Solutions to Work for You

No matter what your monitoring requirements are, DPS Telecom has a perfect fit solution for you. Whether you need small, versatile RTUs like the NetGuardian 216 ... large, full-function RTUs like the NetGuardian 832A ... or the complete T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System master station, DPS solutions are 100% guaranteed to work for you - or your money back.

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