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Critical Alarm Enunciator: Advanced Local Alarm Notification

Critical Alarm Enunciator - Front / Side View
The Critical Alarm Enunciator (CAE) provides local alert of alarms.

The (CAE) is a local alarm alert device that monitors three battery plant voltage alarms and three discrete alarms. The CAE receives alarm input from monitored devices, and provides audiovisual alert to local staff. It then relays alarms to your alarm collection gear, all for a low price.

The CAE provides local alert of alarms through 6 LEDs and an audible speaker signal. The speaker can be silenced by pressing the ACK (acknowledge) button on the front panel.

You can us the config. DIP switches to reverse the input polarity of the discrete alarms and set the voltage thresholds of the low voltage alarm.

The CAE receives alarm input from monitored devices, provides audio/visual notification to local personnel, and then relays alarms to your existing alarm collection equipment. When the CAE receives an alarm input, the LED corresponding to the activated alarm point will FLASH RED and the speaker will sound. To acknowledge the alarm and silence the speaker, press the ACO button. The alarm LED will turn SOLID RED to indicate that the alarm has been acknowledged. You may adjust the volume of the alarm with the Volume Control wheel located at the bottom of the CAE. The input polarity of the discrete alarms can be reversed using the configuration DIP switches on the top panel.

What Can the CAE Do?:

  • Compact local notification, compatible with your existing monitoring equipment
  • Monitor VRLA and flooded system battery classes at their proper thresholds
  • Displays live voltage readings in integrated digital display voltage meter
  • Built-in voltage alarm self-test
  • Reversible discrete alarms
  • Easy DIP switch configuration
  • Two-year warranty
  • Adjustable audible alarm notification
  • Models for +24 or neg. 48 volt battery plants
  • Easy install and alarm termination