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DPS Telecom Tech Support: Real Live Engineers, not Voice Mail

Today, good tech support is hard to come by. Many companies out-source their tech support services, while others rely heavily on automated messages. While this may save the company time and money, it only creates hardship and frustration for their clients looking for a solution to a problem.

At DPS Telecom, we pride ourselves on being one of the last remaining companies that provides excellent, personalized tech supports to our clients. We provide personal tech support. We don't have voice mail. You don't have to navigate menus. There is no waiting on hold. We want to help you, and you'll get a quick answer from a real person.

Standard tech support isn't good enough for DPS Telecom clients.

DPS engineers working on a project.
DPS Engineers and Tech Support work together to solve client issues

At DPS Telecom, we know full well that most people have a poor opinion of tech support, and we are determined to ensure that every client who calls DPS Telecom Tech Support will have an outstanding experience.

Here is what some of our Reps had to say about DPS Tech Support:

  • "When you call DPS Tech Support, the people you talk to know how to use the system. They've installed it, actually set it up and done the things you're trying to do. Or they've helped design the products you use. It's a big difference from the norm of tech support. At DPS, you talk to people who know how the product works in the real world, and they've made the product work in real-life installations."
  • "A lot of times, people come to us with an urgent need. Like, a somebody's going to be fired if this isn't working by Friday kind of urgent need. Well, if it's that urgent for the client, it's that urgent for us. So we listen to the client, and we tell the client, "We're going to get you a solution, no matter what it takes."
  • "In tech support, you don't often talk to happy people. It's our job to take care of them and make sure that they're happy when we are through."

Tech support direct from the engineers who designed your system.

The person you talk to at DPS is not - as it is at so many companies - an untrained intern reading from a script. Every DPS support tech is an engineer with experience working with your system. And if necessary, your tech support issue goes straight to the top of the company.

But every so often, a client will have a problem that requires research and testing beyond the Tech Support Rep's broad experience. For those, the Rep draws on the entire resources of the company to make sure the client's issues are resolved.

"We're tightly integrated with the Engineering Department, so we always have extra people to help out. If something needs testing, we use all of our engineering resources, including engineers that have been with the company since day 1," said one DPS Tech Support Rep.

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