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Case Study: Dominion Combines Three Systems Into One

Nine months ago, Dominion had a problem. The Virginia-based energy giant operates an extensive internal communications network, and it was monitored by several different systems.

Dominion Team Finds Support
Dominion Team Finds Third-Party Support:
John C. Mullen and Daniel Jackson
Lead Telecommunications Technicians.

Dominion recognized that this was a serious business issue. Their internal network, which transports voice communications and SCADA telemetry data, plays an important role in guaranteeing reliable electricity service for Dominion's customers.

Remote monitoring equipment was installed in 150 sites in a seven-state coverage area. "We had several different types of legacy remotes: Badger, Larse, NEC," said Dan Jackson, a Dominion lead telecommunications technician.

Today, Dominion has a solution. DPS Telecom designed a new monitoring system for Dominion that incorporated their existing remotes. Dominion now has a full-featured modern system that can grow with their future needs, and they achieved this without having to do a forklift replacement of their legacy remotes.

"The thing I liked was that DPS was going to make it fit our needs. There weren't going to try to make our stuff fit their stuff. They were going to make their stuff fit ours. I like that. I like that a lot," said Jackson.

Dominion Recognized Their Problem and Set Clear Goals for a Solution

The systems were incompatible with each other, and when Dominion technical personnel first started looking for a way to fix their legacy support problem, no vendor seemed able to produce viable, cost-effective results.

Jackson and Mullen had clearly defined goals for how they wanted to solve the legacy problem. "We wanted to replace all the masters with one master. We also wanted to add native IP remotes and migrate as many sites as possible to IP network monitoring," Jackson said.

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