DPS Telecom Now Supports The NEC 21SV

You don't need to worry about what to do with your NEC 21SV master. DPS has the solution that allows you to maintain your investment in your RTUs, while upgrading your master to the T/Mon NOC. The T/Mon NOC is a multi polling leg master that talks directly to your NEC 21SV remotes, completely bypassing the hard masters. This not only simplifies your network design, but removes yet another critical point of failure from your solution. The even-better-news is that you don't have to do extensive databasing to switch to the T/Mon NOC as we have a database conversion utility.

Actually, the NEC 21SV support is a fairly small aspect of the T/Mon NOC. More significant is that you "inherit" all of the advanced functionality of the T/Mon NOC including: Alpha Paging notification, Email notification, Notification escalation, text messages, trouble logs, derived alarms, alarm qualification, nuisance alarm handling, history and web browsing just to name a few.

The T/Mon NOC is designed with your future migration in mind. Eventually, as your network expands or your NEC alarm remotes start to fail, you will need additional remotes. We have a full line of remotes that you can transition into your network using the same T/Mon NOC alarm master.

Give us a call to see how easily the T/Mon NOC can integrate into your network. And don't forget about our 100% NO-RISK policy, so there is no wrong decision.

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