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DPS Telecom Offers Free Training in Network Alarm Monitoring to All Telecom Professionals

FRESNO, CA, March 2, 2005 - DPS Telecom, a leading manufacturer of network alarm monitoring equipment, announced today that it will offer free training to any telecommunications professional who wants to learn more about network alarm monitoring.

Any technician, network engineer or manager who works with telecommunications remote monitoring can attend a four-day DPS Telecom Factory Event class, free of tuition fees - a $475 per person value.

Telecom professionals who attend a DPS Telecom Factory Training Event will learn:

  • What telecom equipment can and should be monitored remotely;
  • The nuts and bolts of how network alarm monitoring works;
  • Essential remote monitoring capabilities every alarm system MUST have;
  • How to adapt alarm monitoring to the protocols and communications transports you already use;
  • How network alarm monitoring reduces operational costs and increases profitability.

The DPS Telecom Factory Training Event program was originally restricted to existing DPS clients. DPS Telecom is opening the Factory Training Event to all telecom professionals free of charge in order to help the industry better understand network alarm monitoring, according to DPS Telecom founder and CEO Bob Berry.

"The DPS Telecom Factory Training Event is ideal for network managers who are evaluating network alarm monitoring equipment for purchase, but want to learn more about the technology before they make a decision. DPS Telecom classes are the best place to learn what remote monitoring can really do for you, because you'll see capabilities that no other manufacturer can match," said Berry.

The DPS Telecom Factory Training Event is a four-day class held at DPS Telecom's corporate headquarters in Fresno, California. Unlike typical corporate training programs, the Factory Training Event is uniquely designed to provide individualized, hands-on instruction based on field-tested techniques and experience.

The DPS Telecom Factory Training Event features:

  • Personal instruction: Classes are capped at nine participants. Participants who want more time on a topic can meet with their instructor for a one-on-one breakout session.
  • Instructors with real-world experience: DPS Telecom Factory Training Event instructors are engineers who have worked on alarm monitoring product design and implementation.
  • Hands-on training: Factory Training Event participants spend four full days working directly with alarm monitoring equipment, getting the unique know-how that only comes from personal experience.
  • Complete access to DPS Telecom: Participants talk to the engineers who design DPS Telecom alarm systems, tour the DPS Telecom factory and see the newest alarm monitoring technologies from DPS.

DPS Telecom Factory Training Events will be held throughout 2005 on April 4-7, May 9-12, June 13-16, July 18-21, August 22-25, September 26-29, October 31-November 3, December 5-8.

Attendance is limited to three people per company per class session. Class sizes are kept small, so interested telecom professionals are encouraged to register early.

To register for a DPS Telecom Factory Training Event, visit the DPS Telecom Web site at www.dpstelecom.com/training or call 1-800-693-0351.

About DPS Telecom

DPS Telecom is an industry-leading manufacturer of network alarm monitoring solutions. DPS clients include RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, gas and electric utilities, heavy and light rail transit, government agencies and manufacturers.

"DPS Telecom succeeds because we don't let our clients fail. We're committed to solving our clients' problems 100%, and we back it up with a no-risk, money-back guarantee on all our products," said DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry.

More information is available at www.dpstelecom.com

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