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Whether you're new to our equipment or you've used it for years, DPS factory training is the best way to get more from your monitoring.

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How to Get Answers to All of Your Tech Support Questions

At DPS Telecom, we offer you complete technical support to ensure your success. As a part of our commitment to better serving our clients, we offer our four-day Factory Training course several times a year, so you can learn how to get better network visibility directly from the engineers who design and support your equipment.

DPS Factory Training Meets Your Individual Monitoring Needs

Whether you need to cross-train more staff on your monitoring system, bring new operators up to speed, or become a T/Mon Power User, our Factory Training instructors deliver a rewarding experience. At Factory Training, our instructors work to accommodate all of your monitoring goals during your four-day course. They'll tailor the class to meet your individual needs, and they'll set aside time after class to work with you on your specific applications.

"You shouldn't have to spend months trying to figure out your new monitoring system on your own," said Factory Training Instructor Chris Hower. "If you or your staff hasn't come to Factory Training then your team members are most likely not taking full advantage of your T/Mon, and are not leveraging their time."

Factory Training Class
The DPS classroom atmosphere is designed to maximize your learning experience at Factory Training

Learn Databasing, Provisioning, Configuration, and More During Your Four-Day Factory Training Course

The four-day DPS Telecom Factory Training course covers installation, configuration, and alarm monitoring, providing each student with their own laptop to access real monitoring database examples for practical experience. The class provides you with extensive knowledge on the T/Mon master and NetGuardian remotes, allowing you to quickly familiarize yourself with the advanced features of your DPS monitoring system.

The course also provides extensive lessons on SNMP and ASCII. With hands-on activities, you'll learn trap processing and other valuable monitoring skills to provide you with the most complete network monitoring. With real-world examples, you can better harness your monitoring technology by learning on actual DPS equipment. "Many clients find ASCII processing, in particular, to be challenging," said Factory Training Instructor Ron Stover. "At the training, we help our clients to begin extracting alarms from ASCII text, enabling them to build a complete picture of network status."

FT Class
At DPS Telecom Factory Training, you'll learn how to get more out of your monitoring system...

The Entire DPS Team Works to Meet Your Needs

While attending Factory Training at DPS headquarters in Fresno, California, the entire DPS staff works together to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Factory Training Hostess Carina Portillo will be available to coordinate all of your meals from popular local restaurants, as well as any other activities you want to try during your California visit. From lunches on-site to dinners with the DPS team after class, we'll make sure you are comfortable and well-accommodated during your stay.

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