Alarm Monitoring - Real Questions, Real Answers

What is alarm monitoring?
Alarm monitoring is the process of identifying and reporting potential threats within a telecommunications network. It is a critical component of maintaining network uptime in a variety of industries, including telecom, public utilities, transportation, public health, and more.

What can alarm monitoring do for me?
Alarm monitoring is often viewed by management as a cost center. It isn't. Good alarm monitoring equipment and best practices can pay for themselves many times over.

Alarm monitoring protects your profits in both directions. By helping you to keep your network online, you're able to minimize lost revenue caused by outages. And because comprehensive alarm monitoring provides you with superior information about network threats, you're able to do more with less, reducing staffing and overtime costs.

Where can I learn the basics of alarm monitoring?
The best place to learn about alarm monitoring is from specialists with decades of experience. The DPS Telecom white paper series is a great place to start. Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals is an excellent introductory white paper that will introduce you to core alarm monitoring concepts.

Are all alarm monitoring systems basically the same?
Not at all. Alarm monitoring options vary wildly in capabilities. Some can do very little, while some can do just about everything you need in a single system.

Ultimately, your alarm monitoring decisions should revolve around value instead of just price. When you consider how much revenue you stand to lose each and every second your network is down, top-quality alarm monitoring is easy to justify.

If you really want to know how well a monitoring system performs, look for success stories from companies that are already using the system.

What if I already have an alarm monitoring system?
If you already have a monitoring system deployed in your network, it's still important to consider areas of potential improvement.

If you have a legacy system in place, it's never to early to consider a controlled migration to modern alarm monitoring technology.

If you're running several incompatible systems in parallel, it's very likely that T/Mon NOC can unify all of your alarms on a single display.

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