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"What Will You Do with Faster LAN Access for More Devices?"

How to provide more LAN access in less rack space by deploying the right RTU

NetGuardian 832A with built-in switch
Provide Fast LAN Access to More Devices - Without Eating Up Rack Space!

Wondering how to provide a fast network connection to more devices without eating up budget and rack space? You've looked at dedicated switch options, but that means extra purchasing and extra space requirements that you just can't afford.

What if there was a solution that prevented these data bottlenecks, while providing you the added benefit of increased LAN access to more devices? Wouldn't you take advantage of those capabilities?

Now, you can, because providing network access to site devices has never been easier. The new NetGuardian 832A G5 with integrated 10/100 Switch allows you to provide fast Ethernet right from your RTU, without any extra purchasing or space requirements. You'll enjoy faster, managed network traffic with this advanced RTU.

The new 10/100 switch is part of the DPS commitment to continuous product innovation. "The integrated switch in the NetGuardian RTUs allows our clients to connect more and more devices to their remotes," said Chris Hower of DPS Telecom Technical Support. "With the 10/100 connection, they'll be able to manage all of these devices more efficiently, without risking bogging down their network."

The NetGuardian 832A G5 with 10/100 switch also gives you the added benefit of an embedded switch for managing your network traffic. This gives you LAN access to your site devices without having to purchase an expensive switch. Plus, your integrated switch won't require an extra rack of space in your jam-packed equipment rack. Couldn't you use this compact solution?

And, because your integrated switch runs on the same protected site power as your RTU, it won't go down during a commercial power outage.

As with all NetGuardian remotes, the new NetGuardian 832A G5 includes free firmware updates for life, helping you to utilize the most advanced monitoring technologies within your network. Wouldn't you benefit from that kind of support? Call the DPS Telecom Sales Team for your customized quote today!

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