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Route Alarms over T1 and Remote Toggle Power to Your Gear with the Client-Designed NetGuardian 216T and Smart Fuse Panel AB6

Network monitoring gear provides the best value (lower expenses, higher revenue) when it's designed specifically for your network. That's why DPS has the capabilities and process to work with you to modify hardware or software to fit your network. Here are two examples of DPS engineering designing perfect-fit(TM) solutions.

The T1-Fed and Ultra-Reliable NetGuardian 216T
When one DPS client needed to pack a lot of functionality into a single rack unit of space, he turned to DPS Telecom. He needed a reliable NetGuardian that could function in 110 degree heat, featured a T1 interface with Frame Relay support, and had control and analog relays. This device also needed to be controlled and managed from the web.

NetGuardian 216T application drawing
With a NetGuardian 216T, you can now monitor alarms using your T1 transport.

DPS views these types of requests as the best way to address the custom requirements of our client base. DPS received the technical specifications, worked through the procurement and other logistics, and quickly began developing an RTU. From there, the NetGuardian 216T was born. This device, which is now part of the standard DPS lineup of RTUs, was created to specifically handle the needs of one client and future clients who may have similar needs.

Toggling Power Remotely with the Custom Smart Fuse Panel AB6
Another DPS client was having problems with the reliability of the power distribution units (PDUs) they had deployed. These generic PDUs also didn't quite fit this client's needs. When they wanted a PDU solution that was tailor-made to their operational, power, and security requirements, they called DPS Telecom.

DC Remote Power Switch Application Diagram
With a DC Remote Power Switch/PDU, you can toggle power remotely to your DC-powered devices.

DPS seized the opportunity to design this new PDU - the Smart Fuse Panel AB6. This request for custom-engineering led to the development of this popular and versatile device. The Smart Fuse Panel AB6 can function as a 3-in-1 device: a fuse panel, a power distribution unit, and optional alarm monitoring remote. Instead of taking up multiple rack units with three different devices, you can have all of the same functionality from a single box.

The DPS One Box Solution - Save 50% Per Site by Installing One Piece of Gear Instead of Three
When it comes to installing network equipment, your installation costs can easily soar through the roof. You'll end up paying for multiple devices and the installation costs for installing all of these devices. It's faster and cheaper to buy a device that can perform multiple functions - this way you only pay to install one box instead of several.

Let's look at the math using a multi-function remote power switch (like the Smart Fuse Panel AB6) as our example:

One Box Solution Math Example
You can slash installation costs and still get the exact functionality you need. It's almost too good to be true - you can get more while spending less.

How to Design Your Perfect-Fit(TM) Monitoring Solution in Just a Few Weeks
DPS Telecom has developed reliable, custom solutions for over 25 years such as the Modular Alarm System, the TrapRelay 48. and the Modular RTU. While working with a sales engineer, you can design the exact box you need to successfully monitor your network - without paying for NRE fees (as long as you order a small, minimum amount - typically 11 units). DPS avoids expensive NRE fees because after designing your solution, it becomes available for others to use.

Billy Young, Consolidated Communications
Billy Young
Central Office Engineer
Consolidated Communications
"If you want monitoring solution designed for your network, you need to get your technical specs and contact DPS Telecom. We've had nothing but a positive experience. It took only a few weeks and we got the product we wanted."
Billy Young - Consolidated Communications

Your custom-designed solution is also backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee. If your device doesn't tackle your tough monitoring challenges, just return it - no questions asked.

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