Network Alarm Monitoring Products

Network alarm monitoring refers to the use of a system that monitors a network 24/7. It checks for slow or failing parts and is capable of notifying someone of an issue. This type of monitoring system is commonly used by those in the telco, utilities, medical, transit and other industries.

Alarm Masters

  • Administer a centralized database of configuration information for your entire network.
  • Automatically send detailed notifications when an alarm event occurs.
  • Mediate and monitor alarm data in any current or legacy protocol, including SNMP, ASCII, DNP3, Modbus, TL1, and more.
  • Display all sites and alarms on layered geographic maps.
  • Display network status and alarm information to multiple users simultaneously.
  • Maintain logs and create reports of alarm events.

Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs)

  • Built-to-order to fit your specific industry, needs, and capacity.
  • Choose a number of dry contacts, analogs, control relays, and serial ports.
  • Automatically send notifications via text, email, pager, VoIP, and more.
  • Display and configure network status and alarm information in an easy to use web interface.
  • Transport data over LAN, Fiber, GSM/CDMA, Dialup, and more.
  • Mediate and monitor alarm data in any current or legacy protocol.


  • Configure 0-5V sensors and 4-20mA sensors quickly and easily with a NetGuardian RTU.
  • Add additional plug-and-play sensors to your site by daisy-chaining up to 16 D-Wire sensors.
  • Customize your RTUs to come equipped with 12V output, or whatever you need, to power external sensors.
  • Environment monitoring - temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, etc.
  • Remote site activity - doors, movement, vibration, etc.
  • Monitor equipment - voltage, current, fuel level, etc.

Building Access Control Systems

  • Install a standalone unit, connect up to 8 units to a NetGuardian RTU, or monitor your entire network's building access with a T/Mon.
  • Grant access by user, day of the week, time of day, and location.
  • Access your site with a keypad and/or proximity card authentication methods.
  • Combine with intelligent door controllers, electronic door strikes, or magnetic locks.
  • Support your sensors and access controllers with provided 12V/24V outputs.
  • Configure with a simple web interface and automatically receive notifications for any activity.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

  • Remotely switch on/off and reboot equipment using AC or DC PDUs
  • Customize your PDU with options for discretes, analogs, and control relays.
  • Automatically send SNMP traps or email notifications.
  • Configure and control easily with a secure web browser interface.
  • Track environmental conditions with built in temperature monitoring.
  • Optional D-Wire sensor support for added visibility at your site.

HVAC Controllers

  • Monitor and control up to 4 HVAC units for lead/lag operation.
  • Configure via web interface or front LCD's guided setup.
  • Test and check your system's status easily from the front LCD.
  • Includes 12 Form A/B (field selectable) relay outputs
  • Northbound HVAC alarms with SNMP or the protocol of your choice.
  • Connect D-Wire sensors to monitor temperature and air flow at the site.

VoIP OrderWire

  • Communicate via LAN instead of leased telephone lines.
  • Dial directly to another station, bridge a conference call, or page all your staff at once with the "Hoot 'n Holler" feature.
  • Customize your build options to come with discretes, analogs, and control relays.
  • Supports important legacy OrderWire features.
  • Install easily, taking up only 1 RU.


Find accessories that deliver custom voice alerts, show you who is on-site, and test your equipment.