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Discrete and Analog Sensors for DPS RTUs

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Monitor your remote sites (ex. temperature, humidity, door open, tank levels...) with these discrete and analog sensors using industry-standard 0-5VDC or 4-20mA interfaces.

Analog Network Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Remote Temperature Sensor with Probe
Temperature Sensor with Probe (-20F to 180F)


Analog temp sensor with probe measures from -20F to 180F (-28.9C to 82.2C). Reports in 4-20mA range. Native operating voltage 8.5VDC to 35VDC. This package includes a resistor for use in -48V operations, but is best powered by a NetGuardian using the 24V sensor power supply option.

Temperature Sensor with Probe (Stereo jack)
Temperature Sensor with Probe (Stereo jack - for larger RTUs)

2.5mm stereo jack temperature sensor that plugs into the external temp sensor jack present on some models of the NetDog G2, NetGuardian 216, and the NetGuardian 832A. 7ft long. Temp Range: -18F to 180F.

Temperature Sensor with Probe (Stereo jack - for smaller RTUs)

3.5mm stereo jack temperature sensor that plugs into the external temp sensor jack present on some models of the NG216 G3, NetGuardian LT, and NetGuardian Voice 16. 7ft long. Temp Range: -50F to 300F.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor with -48VDC to 5VDC Converter
Analog/Temperature and Humidity Sensor Package (-48V)

Single unit self-contained temperature and humidity sensor. Temp Range: 23F to 131F (-5C to 55C). Humidity Range: 10% to 90% RH. Both temperature and humidity outputs are linearized across the 4-20ma output. Package includes DC to DC converter that converts standard CO -48VDC to 12VDC to power a variety of sensors. Screw down power connectors. Input range: -36VDC to -72VDC. Output range: 12VDC at 250mA.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Analog Temperature/Humidity Sensor Only

Same as above, except power supply not included. Typically used with NetGuardian units equipped with +12V output power option.

Exterior Weather Station
Exterior Weather Station

Integrated weather station measuring: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature and Humidity. Includes: Solar shield and 6ft tall, 3 ft wide, 1" diameter mounting frame. Powered by 10vdc to 36vdc so it could be powered by either 12VDC or 24VDC NetGuardian sensor power supply options. All analog outputs are 4-20ma.

Analog Propane Tank Sensor

Liquid Propane Gas Sensor
Hall Effect Liquid Propane Gas Sensor with Potting Cap

Magnetically driven, Hall Effect LPG sensor that outputs voltage. Signal from floating mechanism inside the tank transmits through a solid, non-magnetic bulkhead without the necessity of dynamic seals or pressure-type conductors. -40C to 80 degrees C (-40 to 176 degrees F) Accuracy: +/- 1.5% at E, +/-2% at 20%, +/-3% at higher graduations.

Discrete Temperature and Humidity Sensors

TempAlert Sensor (30 to 100 degrees F)
TempAlert Sensor (30 to 100 degrees F)

Discrete temperature sensor with high and low alarm thresholds Separate alarms for high and low temperatures. Temperature range from 30 to 100 F. (-1.1 to 37.8 degrees C). Requires no power to operate. Wall mount rectangular box design. Includes screw kit for mounting hardware.

Meter Type TempAlert Sensor (-30 to 130 F)
Meter Type TempAlert Sensor

(-30 to 130 degrees F)
Discrete temperature sensor with high and low alarm thresholds. Separate alarms for high and low temperatures. Temperature range from -30 to 130 degrees F. (-34.4 to 54.4 degrees C). Requires no power to operate. Not for use in freezers.

Humidity Sensor (Discrete)
Humidity Sensor (Discrete)

Monitors a humidity range of 20% to 80% relative humidity (with 5% RH differential). Has a single high or low set point threshold using removable knob. Ambient Temperature Range: 50F to 125F (10C to 52C). Wall Mount. Great for monitoring humidity in computer rooms, COs, cell sites, nodes, and CEVs.

Discrete Motion Sensors

Interior/Exterior Motion Sensor
Interior/Exterior Motion Sensor (Discrete)

Motion detector for use outdoors and in other harsh environments. Uses a combination of passive-infrared and microwave detection with advanced signal processing. can distinguish between small, repetitive motions such as tree limbs moving in the wind and the more purposeful motions of intruders. Specifications: passive-infrared and microwave detection, 0-95% RH non-condensing, operating temp -31F to 130F (-35C to 54C)

Motion Sensor (Discrete)
Motion Sensor (Discrete)

Monitors motion within a user-specified field of vision. Detection range from 3m-6m. Powered by 12 to 28 VDC. At sites with 110 VAC power, a +24 VDC wall-transformer is available (D-PR-105-10A-03). Can also be integrated with the Building Access System (BAS) to provide automatic exit tracking and intrusion notifications.

Building Status Sensors

Water Sensor and Controller
Water Sensor and Controller

Provides a discrete contact closure when water is detected. The sensor will not alarm due to condensation or high humidity. Supports N/O & N/C alarm contacts. Powered by 8-28 volts AC or DC (not included). Powered by either 12VDC or 24VDC (for 110VAC use 24V Wall Transformer D-PR-105-10A-00, for -48VDC use D-PC-766-10A-02) or NetGuardian sensor power supply (order option).

Water Sensor Only

#1040 (for WB200)

Smoke Detector
Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat Sensor

Photoelectric smoke detector uses pulsed infrared diodes to eliminate false alarms caused by dust, insects, FR and ambient light. Integrated heat detector triggers alarms at temperatures above 135 F or at temperatures above 105 F with a rise rate of 15 F per minute. Either heat detector or smoke detector can trip and latch LED and alarm relay outputs. UL listed. Powered by either 12 VDC or 24 VDC. For 110 VAC use 24 V wall transformer (DPR- 105-10A-00). For -48V DC, use -48 VDC to -12 VDC DC to DC converter (D-PC-766-10A-00).

Push to Exit button (Discrete)
Push-to-Exit button

Push to exit button that may be illuminated by providing 12V. Momentary switch that mounts in a wall switch receptacle (2 1/2" deep). Ideal for use with the Entry Control Unit (ECU) to provide a signal to release the door latch for an authorized exit.

Glass Break Sensor
Glass Break Sensor

Sensor triggered by the sound of breaking glass. Ideal for rooms with many windows. Coverage: 25 ft. radius if mounted on the ceiling; 45 ft. radius when wall-mounted. Tamper-proof case. Powered by +12VDC. Operating temp: -14 to 122 F (-10 to 50 C)

Discrete Liquid Level Sensors

Discrete Liquid Level Sensor
Discrete Liquid Level Sensor

Provides a discrete contact closure when liquid levels fall below parameters. Contains a dry reed switch encapsulated within a stem. Supports N/O and N/C alarm contacts. Operates at a maximum temperature of 105 C and a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.

Door Sensors

Door Sensor
Door Sensor (Surface Mount)

Closed loop magnetic contact sensor. Consists of magnet and contact. Gap distance is 5/8". Includes screw kit for mounting hardware.

Magnetic Sensor for Overhead Doors
Magnetic Sensor for Overhead Doors

Floor-mounted magnetic sensor for overhead / hatch doors. Uses an 18" stainless steel armored cable. 3" gap size. Loop type is closed.

Magnetic Sensor for Panel Doors
Magnetic Sensor for Panel Doors

Magnetic sensor typically used on roll-up / garage doors. Uses 2' stainless steel armored cable. Wide operating gap distance. The contact is directly to the door channel. Loop type is closed. UL listed.

Power, Battery and Voltage Sensors

Power Out Alert Sensor
Power Out Alert Sensor (Discrete)

Plugs into any 110 VAC circuit that needs to be monitored. When power is interrupted for three to eight consecutive minutes, sensor outputs a contact closure.

Current Sensor
Current Sensor (Analog, AC or DC)

D-PK-SENSR-12011.00001 (AC, 0 to 200 Amp)
D-PR-577-10A-00 (DC, 0 to 100 Amp)
D-PR-578-10A-00 (DC, 0 to 100 Amp, Bipolar)

Current sensor and signal conditioner measures AC or DC currents and isolates sensor output from conductor. Outputs 4 to 20 mA. User-selectable Amp scales. Split core design, allows sensor to be placed around cable without interrupting operation. Great for motor drives, UPS systems, battery chargers, Current Sensor power supplies, and replacement for shunts.

Current Sensor
Current Sensor, 0 to 150 Amp AC (Discrete)

AC current sensor with signal conditioner. Outputs a normally-closed relay. Provides electrical isolation between the output of the sensor and the current carrying conductor. Ideal for conveyors, lighting circuits, and electric heaters. Self-powered. Adjustable threshold level.

Air Flow Sensors

Air Velocity Transducer
Air Velocity Transducer (Analog, 0-5 VDC output)

Outputs air flow as 0-5 volts DC. Effective measurement range from 25 to 10,000 feet-per-second. The full-scale range, signal output, and time constant are user selectable and can be easily changed. Useful for verifying the airflow coming from your HVAC cooling/heating systems, and for measuring when air filters and fan belts need replacement.

Air Flow Sensor
Air Flow Sensor (Analog, 4-20 mA output)

Air flow meter for industrial applications. Outputs 4-20mA. Sensor is completely epoxy resin encapsulated and operates with high accuracy and repeatability - even under changing conditions. Useful for verifying the airflow coming from your HVAC cooling/heating systems, and for measuring when air filters and fan belts need replacement.