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Power Monitoring Tech Brief

Tech Brief: Tower Light Monitoring

Are you prepared for your next tower light failure?

If you don't have adequate monitoring equipment deployed at your remote tower sites, the answer is probably an unfortunate "No".

Table of Contents
2. Tower Light Monitoring
3. Avoid FCC Fines
4. Find the Right Remote
5. Web Browser Interface
6. Monitor Your Tower Lights with AlphaMax
7. NetDog G2 Provides Big Monitoring Power
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Tower Light Monitoring

FCC Regulations for Tower Light Monitoring

Sec. 17.47 Inspection of antenna structure lights
"The owner of any antenna structure which is registered with the Commission...Shall make an observation of the antenna structure's lights at least once each 24 hours either visually... or, alternatively...maintain an automatic alarm system designed to detect any failure of such lights and to provide indication of such failure to the owner..."

Sec. 17.48 Notification of extinguished lights
"The owner of any antenna structure which is registered with the Commission...Shall report immediately...any observed or otherwise known extinguishment or improper functioning of any top steady burning light or any flashing obstruction light...not corrected within 30 minutes..."

Don't Get Fined for Inadequate Monitoring

The FCC has very strict rules for tower lights, and it's not afraid to levy huge fines for infractions. If you can't monitor your tower lights 24 hours a day - and if you can't correct or give notice of light failures within a few minutes - you're setting yourself up for trouble.

High-Quality Monitoring Pays for Itself

Nowhere in your network is alarm monitoring more critical than at your antenna towers. At those sites, you're facing two threats. Not only do outages impede your daily operations, they also increase your risk of hefty fines and liability.

Monitoring equipment that prevents outages at your tower sites quickly pays for itself. Advanced remote site monitoring equipment can notify you automatically with a detailed alert when your tower lights go out.

Cell Tower Monitoring

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