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The Real Cost of Poor Monitoring

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Insufficient monitoring can be just as expensive
Trying to get by with insufficient monitoring can be expensive, too. In the long run, poor alarm monitoring can create its own set of costs. Here are some of the dangers you can face if you don't have enough visibility of your network:

Network outages
If you don't have the network visibility to proactively intervene when trouble starts, you might not find out about remote site problems until the site goes dark. Service-affecting outages cause two kinds of problems.

Every minute your network is down is a minute that you're not selling service to your customers. Even a few surprise outages can substantially cut into your revenue.

Second, service outages are more than just embarrassing - they have a huge impact on your company's reputation with its customers. It's unfair, but customers do not remember good service, because they always expect modern telephone and telecommunications systems to work. But customers do remember every time the network doesn't work.

(Even if your network is purely for the internal use of your company, the higher-ups notice every time the network is down.)

Equipment damage
Remote site problems that are allowed to fester until the site goes dark are also hard on equipment. Lightning strikes, short circuits, loss of commercial power, rundown batteries, and all the other common causes of site outages can cause serious - and expensive- damage to telecom gear.

If you don't have enough visibility of power conditions at your remote site - if you can't intervene and restore power generation before the batteries run down and the equipment shuts off - you're vulnerable to thousands of dollars of damage.

Time, money, and wasted opportunities
If you don't have the network visibility to track remote site problems as they happen, unexpected, unplanned events can upset your maintenance schedule at any time. If a site goes down, you have to send a repair tech ... and then you have to send another when the next unexpected problem arises ... and bit by bit, your spending a lot of overtime wages on just putting out fires.

Every unplanned truck roll costs you between $150 and $600, depending on your location, the work being done at the site and your technician's skill level and salary.

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