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Can you afford the alarm monitoring you need?

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Can you afford the alarm monitoring you need?

If you run a small network, you have to make tough choices about your alarm monitoring. You know what kind of equipment you'd like to have - but you also know the limits of your budget. And if you work for a small company or a small department, budget considerations tend to win nearly every argument.

But a limited budget doesn't make your alarm monitoring needs magically disappear. If you don't have good, indepth remote visibility of all your network sites, you're looking at a whole other set of costs.

Here are some of the expensive problems you'll face if you don't have adequate alarm monitoring:

  • Service outages that cut directly into revenue - and your company's reputation
  • Equipment damage that can run into thousands of dollars
  • Countless man-hours wasted on unnecessary windshield time - and all the overtime pay that costs

It seems that you have two choices: either you spend a bucket of money now on an alarm system you can't afford, or you get nickled and dimed to death over the long term by preventable problems.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a better choice?

This White Paper will help you through this dilemma. It will help you steer a path between spending too much on an overkill alarm system and leaving your network open to serious threats. You'll see how it's possible for even a small network to enjoy the benefits of centralized, NOC-style alarm monitoring - without blowing your budget to pieces.

Most alarm systems are overkill for small networks

Generally speaking, alarm equipment manufacturers don't cater to operators of small networks. (By "small network," I mean networks with approximately 3 to 15 remote sites.)

If you've been looking for an alarm system, you've probably already seen that most systems are overkill for your small network. Most network alarm systems are targeted for the major telco market; their monitoring capacity is simply more than you really need; and above all, the price is way more than you can get a budget for.

If all you need is information on 3 to 15 sites, buying a big alarm system can seem a bit like using an elephant gun for mouse control. You might look at the capacity and the features and think to yourself, "Boy, I could use this and this."

But you're also going to think, "I don't know what I'd ever use that for." More than anything else, you're thinking, "There is no way that I could ever justify spending this much money for what we need."

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