Sensor Logging, Graphing, & CSV History With The TempDefender RTU

The TempDefender G2 has sensor logging, graphing, and CSV-export capabilities you might normally expect from an alarm master, not an RTU. In this quick video, see how to set up your sensors, log data, and graph it in the TempDefender's web interface.

The TempDefender G2 includes an easy-to-navigate web interface that boasts several time-saving new tools. Menus load very quickly, and alarm statuses update automatically without requiring a page refresh. When you plug in a sensor, the TempDefender G2 will automatically determine the sensor's type and necessary settings. You don't have to worry about reference values or other complicated settings. Just plugin the sensor, set your thresholds, and you're ready to go. Click here for screens of the new setup wizards that make it easy to configure email and SNMP notification schedules.

Video: TempDefender G2 Hardware

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