Monitor Multiple Rooms in your Facility with D-Wire Sensors and One RTU

Do you have several server closets in the same building? They might be on different floors or spread out on the same floor. They all need temperature, humidity, and equipment monitoring, but it seems like a waste to put a full RTU in each one. These rooms aren't miles apart, after all.

So what can you do?

  1. Put an RTU in every area - very expensive
  2. Use common analog sensors that need an AC/DC transformer - expensive and vulnerable to commercial power failures
  3. Use an RTU with a sensor power supply - expensive, complicated wiring, RTU was probably intended only to power one or a few sensors

There has to be a better way. Imagine if you had a system that only required one RTU and sensors with "Plug 'n' Play" functionality. You could connect multiple sensors to a single RTU and cover your entire facility. You could then remotely monitor your whole building with only a few key pieces of equipment.

DPS Telecom's line of D-Wire sensors can easily daisy-chain together to make monitoring your facility easy, giving you complete visibility of every floor. D-Wire sensors are a way to monitor environmentals in your equipment rooms using daisy-chained sensors. With D-Wire sensors, you don't have to worry about analog capacity on your RTUs, tangled masses of sensors at your RTU, or even the trouble of wiring analog connectors.

Multi-Story Building with DWire
In this diagram there is an RTU on the ground floor of the building and one D-Wire Sensor on each floor. You can daisy-chain up to 16 sensors together.

D-Wire sensors from DPS use simple RJ-11 connectors, in and out, and allow you to chain up to 16 sensors to a single DPS RTU's D-Wire port. Your sensor chain can be a maximum of 600 feet, so you can run sensors out as far as you need to monitor your equipment, without having to place analog-capable RTUs in multiple places.

Sensors from DPS include:

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