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Humidity Sensor.

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D Wire Temp & Humidity Sensor Overview:

D-Wire sensors track environmentals in your server room, telecom shelter, PBX closet, or data center using convenient daisy-chained architecture. With D-Wire sensors, you do not have to worry about analog capacity on your RTUs, tangled masses of wires at your RTU, or even the trouble of wiring analog connectors. D-Wire sensors from DPS use simple RJ-12 connectors, in and out, and allow you to chain up to 16 sensors to a single DPS RTUs D-Wire port. Your sensor chain can be a maximum aggregate total length of 600 feet, so you can run sensors out as far as you need to monitor your equipment, without having to place analog-capable RTUs in multiple places.

Benefits of the D Wire Temp & Humidity Sensor:

  • D-Wire sensors do not need a power source.Plug n Play functionality.
  • The analog signal is digitized at the sensor, so the cable is less susceptible to noise and can be longer.
  • Analog value is sent to the RTU for data logging and real-time reading.
  • DPS Telecom D-Wire Sensors are more economical compared to 3rd-party alternatives.
  • Sensors are uniquely identified by the host or RTU, allowing them to be supervised. This means if a sensor is unplugged or the cable is broken, the RTU can detect this and notify you.

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