Telemetry Units

Telemetry units are devices that remotely monitor critical network equipment and conditions. These units provide better visibility over your entire network by monitoring important equipment, data transports, and environmental conditions. Proactive network monitoring is an easy way to prevent many kinds of outages from affecting service to your customers.

These telemetry units are commonly referred to as RTUs (remote telemetry units) and are the foundation for a capable and effective remote monitoring system. These units are responsible for collecting alarms from your sites to send you notifications that help prevent downtime.

Telemetry Units Application Drawing
A good remote telemetry unit will allow you to easily monitor critical gear and conditions across your network.

The Basic Features of Telemetry Units
You need to look for some basic features when choosing remote telemetry units. Choosing the wrong monitoring system can come with some pretty serious consequences - you could be stuck with limited capacity, a hard-to-manage interface, or a system that just doesn't work for your network. Here are some of the most basic features:

Telemetry Units for Superior Monitoring
The NetGuardian family of telemetry units have the capability of monitoring many kinds of devices and environmental conditions. These devices combine the basic features listed above with advanced features (like an intuitive web interface, detailed 24/7 notifications, etc.) for a robust and effective monitoring system.

NetGuardian remote telemetry units are a vast improvement over other, inferior devices. To learn more about selecting the perfect RTU for your network monitoring:

Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper

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