Telecom Service Provider (TSP)

A company that works primarily within the telecommunications industry is typically referred to as a Telecom Service Provider, or TSP.This is normally used interchangeably with Communications Service Provider (CSP). But TSP excludes Internet Service Providers (ISP), Cable Companies, Satellite Television networks. It also excludes Managed Service Providers (utility companies).

Telecom companies are responsible for the operation and upkeep of telephone and related services.The industry has vast geographical networks, capital expenditure necessities, and large customer bases. TSPs were typically owned and operated by the governments in most countries. More recently however, many smaller regional providers have begun to take over. With the break up of Bell System in the US, deregulation and privatization began sweeping the global telecom industries.Private telecom companies are becoming the norm in this industry. This is due to more competitive services and regional operation of networks.

Reliable network monitoring is a critical aspect of the telecom industry. The telecom industry is a service industry, meaning they do not provide the customer with a tangible product, but instead perform a service, such as internet access or phone connections. It is crucial that their network remain online and they can be fined large amounts for network downtime. With proper network monitoring, telecom companies can drastically reduce the amount of network downtime they have, thus improving the customer experience.

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