Telecom Knowledge Base: The Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications, or telecom, is the industry that deals with the exchange of information via electronic systems across large distances. Typically, telecom systems consist of a transmitter at one site and a receiver at another. The two send information through wires or wireless options such as a LAN connection. For complex systems, the transmitter and receivers can becombined and located at each site. This is called a transceiver and allows each site to send, as well as receive signals.

Examples of telecom companies include telephone providers, cable providers, internet service providers and more. Some telecom companies are even in charge of maintaining emergency broadcast systems. Their main objective is to provide their clients with reliable telecom services.

Learn more about telecom:

  • Telecom Tools-
    Telecom techs require specialized tools for the work they do. Lineman's handset, electrical multimeter and and cable crimper are a few such tools that make it possible to saftly test equipment and lines to ensure that the network stays functional.
  • Telecom Reseller-
    Any company that purchases and re-sells communications equipment is a telecom reseller. Telecom resellers can provide surprising benefits for the client.
  • Telecom Installer-
    Trained individuals who can install telecom equipment are often referred to as Linemen. These highly-skilled techs are hard to come by and are crucial to maintaining telecom networks.

Reliable network monitoring is a critical aspect of the telecom industry. The telecom industry is a service industry, meaning they do not provide the customer with a tangible product, but instead perform a service, such as internet access or phone connections. It is crucial that their network remain online and they can be fined large amounts for network downtime. With proper network monitoring, telecom companies can drastically reduce the amount of network downtime they have, thus improving the customer experience.

If you're a telecom company looking for a reliable monitoring solution, be sure it has the functionality you need. Features such as a web browser interface, nuisance alarm filtering and detailed, 24/7 alarm notifications will ensure that you're the first to be notified of network trouble. Systems with features such as this will save you time and money, as well as customers.

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