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Avoid Down Time


As a Telecommunications Company, it is your responsibility to ensure that communication services are always operating correctly for your customers. This can be a challenge under normal circumstances, let alone in an emergency such as a natural disaster. Whether you are a phone service provider, internet service provider or some other type of telco, network downtime will cause a whole list of problems.

Down time can be costly. You may get fined for every minute your network is down. Any more than a few minutes and you're facing a lot of money in fines.

There's also the threat of equipment damage. Perhaps you have backup generators to avoid downtime when there is a commercial power outage. This is a great idea. But what happens when your generator runs out of fuel? Not only does your site lose power, but your generator motor burns up from running on empty.

Network downtime can also lead to angry customers. Angry customers often lead to loss of revenue. No matter what industry you're in, this is bad business.

So how do successful telcos avoid costly network downtime? They do it by monitoring their vital equipment. But you can't trust just any alarm monitoring manufacturer with the safety of your most important equipment. You need a company that is reliable with years of experience. A company that can support open protocols as well as legacy/proprietary protocols so that you can seamlessly integrate your old and new equipment.

DPS Telecom has all the experience and equipment you need to ensure that your network is operational, even when you aren't there.

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