Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) for Small Sites

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NetGuardian 216 small remote telemetry unit

NetGuardian 216

If you're looking for an easy, cost-effective way to monitor your small sites, the answer is the NetGuardian 216, the new LAN-based network reliability management solution from DPS Telecom.

NetDog 82 IP small RTU

NetDog 82 IP

The NetDog reports faults and failures over your 10BaseT Ethernet with notifications via SNMP or pager when an analog or discrete alarm occurs, such as an open door, AC power brownout, high temperature, fire or failed power.

AlphaMax 82A/82S small remote telemetry unit

AlphaMax 82A/82S/82S (High Speed)

The AlphaMax 82A supports 8 discrete inputs and 2 control outputs over dial-up facilities. Besides reporting to the T/Mon NOC, AlphaMax is specifically meant to perform with a pager. Alarms can be reported to up to four different Alphanumeric or Numeric pagers, with a backup pager for each alarm point.

Discrete Point Module (DPM) small RTU

Discrete Point Module (DPM)

The Discrete Point Module (DPM) provides 16 alarms and 2 controls, the DPM can be used for reporting alarms to the IAM via dedicated or dial-up line.

Discrete Control Module small remote telemetry unit

Discrete Control Module (DCM)

The Discrete Control Module is a mirror image of the DPM, providing 16 control points and 2 alarms. The DCM is available in both dial-up and dedicated line versions.

ASCII Processing Module (APM 48) small RTU

APM 48 ASCII Processing Module

The ASCII Processing Module, APM 48, teamed with your local pager service, will let you know when you have an important event occurring at some isolated location. The APM decodes incoming ASCII data to extract alarm information, activates an equivalent discrete point and forwards a portion of the ASCII message to a pager.

Critical Alarm Enunicator (CAE) small remote telemetry unit

Critical Alarm Enunciator (CAE)

The Critical Alarm Enunciator is a local alarm notification device designed specifically for cell sites and cell site power plant monitoring. It monitors four discrete alarms and two battery plant low voltage alarms. The CAE provides audiovisual notification to local personnel, and then relays alarms to your existing alarm collection equipment.

RTUs for Small Sites RTUs for Medium Sites RTUs for Large Sites

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