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Alarm Monitoring Solutions

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Below, you can find a number of alarm monitoring solutions. Each with their own specifications and capabillities. All of them can be custom designed to be a perfect-fit solution for any problem. Please click on any of the links below to find more information about that product.

T/Mon NOC.
NetGuardian T2S.
Building Access System.
NetGuardian 832A G4.
NetGuardian Test Fixture.
NetGuardian 216T.
NetGuardian 216.
NetGuardian DX G4.
NetGuardian 480 G2.
NetGuardian E16.
Remote Alarm Block 176N.
Auto-DB ASCII Module.
NRI Module.


Support all your equipment, no matter what protocol.

Never miss an alarm. If there's a problem anywhere in your network, T/Mon will see it. And T/Mon's advanced notification features will make sure you know about it.


How many different kinds of devices do you monitor? How many different screens do you have to watch? If you're tired of the confusion and clutter of multiple alarm consoles, you need T/Mon NOC.

T/Mon NOC is uniquely designed to monitor all your equipment, no matter what protocol, no matter what manufacturer. T/Mon shows your whole network on one screen, so problems can't hide.

Kelly Heier

"Anything that has a discrete or an analog alarm, we tie into T/Mon. It's sped up maintenance and made everything a lot easier."

- Kelly Heier
Network Specialist
Northwest Communications

T/Mon NOC Specifications

Fuse: Two 5-Amp GMT fuses
Operating Temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 36° C)
Operating Humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Modem: 56K baud internal modem (for dial-up
console access)
LAN Interface: 10/100 BaseT
Polling Ports: 24 user-selectable ports
Polling Interfaces: RS-232, RS422/485, 202
modem, 33.6K modem, FSK modem, PSK modem
T/Access COM Port: 1
Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4
Hard Drive: 80GB (7200 RPM)
Slots: 6 PCI, 1 AGP
Fans: 2 internal
Removable Storage: 1.44 floppy disk drive, CD
Visual Display: Front-panel LCD, SVGA monitor
connection available
Unit Controls: 4 LCD menu control buttons
Hardware Warranty: 2 years

T/Mon NOC Back Panel

Expand Your Capabilities with T/Mon Software Modules

  • SNMP Trap Processor: Receive traps from SNMP devices and use all of T/Mon's powerful alarm processing features to sort, filter, page, and forward alarms.
  • SNMPAgent: Forward all or a selected set of T/Mon alarms to up to 8 SNMP managers. Send traps to MOM systems and redundant masters, forward filtered specific traps to separate managers.
  • ASCII Alarm Processor: Extract detailed information from any device that exports ASCII text: channel banks, PBXs, SONET equipment, digital switches, logging devices, servers and more.
  • TL1 Responder: Convert all or a selected range of your T/Mon alarms to TL1 autonomous messages and forward them to your TL1 manager.
  • Modbus Interrogator: Monitor Modbus-protocol industrial sensors from T/Mon NOC. Supports discretes, analogs, controls and remote provisioning of Modbus remotes and sensors.

Third-Party and Legacy Support Solutions

  • Larse Interrogator: Monitor Larse™ and Badger™ 1200 and 1400 series remotes. Supports discretes, analogs, and controls; includes predefined alarm descriptions for fast and easy databasing.
  • Badger Interrogator: Monitor Badger™ 400 series and Badger/CentraLine™ 475 remotes. Supports discretes, analogs, and controls; includes predefined alarm descriptions for fast and easy databasing.
  • NEC 21SV Interrogator: Monitor NEC™ 21SV remotes directly with T/Mon; eliminate NEC hard masters.

T/Mon NOC Product Summary: Learn even more about this advanced network management platform. www.DpsTelecom.com/TMon
Live Meeting Room A DPS Live Meeting Room combines a slideshow presentation with a conference call. Learn everything you need to know about T/Mon NOC in as little as 30 minutes. www.DpsTelecom.com/Meetings/
White Paper: T/Mon NOC-The Next Generation Hardware Platform for the T/Mon Remote Monitoring System Learn how to make the right choice when selecting a network monitoring system. Download this and over 25 other white papers at www.DpsTelecom.com/White-Papers/
Success Story: Northwest Communications Reduces Windshield with T/Mon NOC T/Mon NOC helped this telco to reduce costly windshield time - the time high-paid technicians spend driving to remote sites. Read the whole story at www.DpsTelecom.com/DpsNews/Success_Stories/
Tech Tip: Configure pager alarm notifications in T/Mon?
Learn how to use the advanced paging features of T/Mon to send automatic alarm notifications to technicians' pagers and phones. Learn this tech tip and more by visiting www.DpsTelecom.com/MyDps/



Real-Time Visibility of Local & Regional Networks

If you're tired of waiting for the central NOC to tell you about alarms happening in your own backyard, T/Mon SLIM is the local visibility solution you've always wanted.

T/Mon SLIM is a complete network alarm monitoring system in a 1-RU package. It's the full power of the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System, scaled to the needs of small, local, and regional networks.

Cost-effective and easy to install, T/Mon SLIM puts high-quality network alarm monitoring within the reach of any company and any maintenance department.

With T/Mon SLIM, you can:

  • Consolidate alarms from several sites into a single local/regional network view
  • Monitor alarms in SNMP, TL1, ASCII and over 25 standard, proprietary, and legacy protocols (with optional software modules.)
  • Send automatic pager and email alarm notifications to technicians in the field
  • Remotely access alarms via Web browser
  • Forward alarms to a T/Mon NOC or SNMP manager at a centralized location
  • Maintain alarm history logs
  • Analyze past alarms to identify network weak spots and anticipate future problems
  • Use Derived Alarms to track complex network problems
  • Use Derived Controls to program flexible automatic corrections for complex network problems

T/Mon SLIM Benefits

  • Alarm monitoring that you control.
  • Real-time visibility of the alarms you're responsible for.
  • Monitor up to 64 individual network devices and up to 10,000 alarm points.
  • Monitor small networks or local/regional sections of large networks.
  • Consolidate alarms from several sites into a single local/regional network view.
  • Filter and forward alarms to a higher-level T/Mon NOC or SNMP manager.
  • Support SNMP, TL1, ASCII and more with optional Software modules.
  • Monitor telecom gear and modern DPS RTUs, plus legacy RTUs from Badger, Dantel, Larse, and more.
  • Send automatic pager and email alarm notifications to technicians in the field.
  • No-Risk, Money-Back guarantee.

T/Mon SLIM, T/Mon NOC alarm collection
Local and Central Network Visibility: T/Mon SLIM collects alarm data from your remote sites and provides local visibility via Web, pager and email; T/Mon NOC collects alarms from multiple T/Mon SLIMs for centralized alarm management.

Why Do You Need T/Mon SLIM?

If you manage a small network, or a local/regional section of a large network, you probably don't have immediate, real-time access to all the alarms you need to see - even when they're alarms from your own office and remote sites.

Being dependent on a central corporate NOC means you don't always get timely notification of alarms as they happen. And if you work for a small company, the cost barriers to setting up a 24/7 manned NOC can prevent you from having any alarm visibility at all.

Either way, not having real-time monitoring increases service restoration times and maintenance costs.

T/Mon SLIM changes all that. T/Mon SLIM puts visibility and control of your alarms directly into your hands, giving you the power to proactively manage the equipment and remote sites you're responsible for.

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