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What Can You Do With T/Mon NOC?

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With T/Mon NOC you can:

  • Monitor alarms in over 25 protocols: ASCII, Badger, Cordell, DCM, DCP, DCPf, DCPx, DCM, E2A, Larse, Modbus, NEC, Pulsecom, SNMP, TABS, TBOS and TL1.
  • Display your entire network on one screen: Know the status of your network with 100% certainty.
  • Mediate alarm data to different protocols: T/Mon is a master translator.
  • Forward alarm data to other masters: Use T/Mon as an interrogator to gather data from more than 25 protocols.
  • Send pager and email alarm notifications: Notify your technicians if a problem arises.
  • Connect multiple Remote Access users simultaneously: Via LAN, dial-up, or serial port.
  • Control remote site equipment: Utilize T/Mon to manually or automatically respond to alarm inputs.
  • Administer a centralized configuration database: Create a central master for your whole network.
  • Maintain alarm history logs: Create reports of alarm events with a history log.

Because of its multiprotocol capability, T/Mon NOC is the perfect system to:

  • Integrate diverse equipment to your SNMP or TL1 manager.
  • Save your older equipment instead of replacing it - a huge cost savings to you.
  • Manage large, complex networks from one T/Mon station, dramatically reducing staff and training costs
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