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Site Monitor Software

A microwave antenna is a major system component that allows a microwave system to transmit and receive data between microwave sites. A microwave antenna is located at the top of a tower at each microwave site.

A Microwave Antenna Must be Mounted on a Tower to be Effective
To operate properly, a microwave antenna must be located high atop a microwave tower. Placing these antennas on towers allows microwave signals to be sent longer distances that would be possible otherwise. This is because there cannot be any structures, including mountains or large buildings, directly between the two antennas. The presence of these objects will prevent the microwave equipment from properly transmitting complete microwave messages. Only when this has been achieved can data travel through the microwave system. This need for clear airspace is what has led microwave antenna towers and equipment to be considered "line of sight" technologies.

Microwave Antenna Towers Must Be Monitored
Your microwave antenna is the key to your communications. You need to know if anything has obstructed your important data transmission. This is why you need to deploy a network alarm monitoring system for your microwave antenna towers and other equipment. These systems will provide you with instant email and pager notifications when they detect a problem with your microwave antenna or any other important system components. This will enable you to quickly send a technician out to your site to correct the problem.

The federal communications commission required you to monitor your microwave antenna tower lights - even if they've been decommissioned
You may or may not be aware of the Federal Communications Commission's requirements for monitoring your microwave antenna tower lights. Even if you aren't actively using all of your microwave sites, you must monitor your microwave antenna tower lights to avoid hefty fines from the FCC for light failures. This includes the tower lights at your decommissioned sites. Alarm monitoring systems for your decommissioned tower sites will save you from making a major demolition investment, while still meeting the FCC's safety requirements.

Tower diagram

Don't Wait to Monitor Your Microwave Antenna Towers
Don't wait for a fine-causing outage to look into monitoring solutions for your microwave antenna towers. Protect your revenues- seek out an advanced monitoring system.

SCADA White Paper
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